“I’d like to define vocation as the tug we feel toward the life that is right for us, the life that is truly our own.” – Peter Buffett, Life Is What You Make It

The first thoughts I had when holding a book written by Peter Buffet (yes, the son of the billionaire investor Warren Buffet) was why would this person talk about life is what you make it, when he is the one born with the silver spoon? This was anticipated and pretty much thought about as you get an instant answer reading the abstract of this book “You may think that with a last name like his, Buffet has enjoyed a life of endless privilege. But… that is the only inheritance handed down from his parents was a philosophy: Forge you own path in life.”

And that is exactly the subtle message that Peter conveys in this amazingly down to earth book, Life is What you Make of it, which reaches out not only to those starting on a new career but also largely to parents on how to set expectations for their kids or teenagers.
On rewards and lavish gifting Peter says; “In the normal course of things, rewards come gradually. That is part of the suspense and joy in life – that we sense ourselves moving forward, gaining in competence and knowledge, and being compensated for our progress, whether in money, or professional advancement, or creative satisfaction. Success, however we define it, happens little by little.”
Well said. How often we tend to make it easy on ourselves by gifting our kids based on not what they need but what they want – or is a trend with their friends or society – thereby taking away from them the most valuable lesson of life – your own experience to find out what is right and what is wrong.

This is also very true in this present world where everyday there is a lure of making easy money and when people need it the most in current situation, the short term ‘success’ in making a few bucks can affect their long term goals and benefits. If you are out there either making it big or just starting out on a new career, Peter’s new book has the most inspiring message for all of us –  taking on the reins of your destiny, living the life to the fullest, luck, timing of the luck happening to us, patience, trust and how we use our time – some things very basic and often we tend to overlook or ignore as we go on with our lives; all these have been brought in beautifully together in this book.

It is a life’s perspective from someone who has gone through trial, error and a varied experience which many of us have gone through or are presently going through but that makes life what it is – complete and rich with experience which is yours and no one else can make what you can out of the time you have.

As a career writer, I found this book very inspiring for my audience and young students who are stepping into this world which largely depicts affluence and making ends meet is not a struggle anymore, there is more likely a chance of falling for the short cut to success or even just spending what you have and finding later on that on the financial front we were perhaps never taught what we should have been.  The true path to success is – through honesty, confidence, peace of mind, philanthropy and just going the experience and journey of making it to you success goal by doing what you want.

A highly inspiring book for anyone from age 16 to 100, it brings to you insight and in depth thoughts from a person who had the chance of growing up in affluence and an influential surname which could take him anywhere but he decided to follow – Life is what YOU make of it. Interspersed with guidance on how anyone can really follow their dreams, it is this combination of Peter’s life experiences with inspirational advice that developed Life Is What You Make It into a rewarding and poignant read.

Find your own path to fulfillment.

Peter Buffett is an Emmy Award-winning musician, philanthropist and Random House-published author. Know more about him and his book at http://peterbuffett.com and look up the excerpts of this book at http://www.peterbuffett.com/bookexcerpts.pdf .