What is your elevator pitch?
“Hmm.. do I really need one? I don’t think I can say a lot about myself or …”

How are you at networking? Are you promoting yourself and your products/services effectively?
“Networking is not my cup of tea, I am an introvert and just pushing myself and my products to others is not what comes naturally to me.”

  • Jumpstarting your visibility
  • Using your introverted preferences (e.g., writing, researching, listening) to your advantage
  • Promoting yourself without bragging
  • Managing negative self-talk – those voices of self-doubt in your head
  • Public speaking for private people
  • Networking without a bullhorn, both online and offline
  • Selling that’s not overly slick
  • Interview skills and résumés that emphasize your accomplishments

Pretty much covers a lot of topics that many of us are looking for in our daily careers or when planning to join the entrepreneurial bandwagon. The books helps a lot in learning how to use your inner strengths and skills to craft the tools and tactics for self-promotion and getting out there and gaining visibility.
You may get this book from Amazon.

(Please Note: I have not been paid to write this review, it is a sincere opinion and my wish to present the readers of this blog to get to know good books that bring value to day to day work life and overall improve our strengths)

These thoughts are just not from introverts from the rest of us as well. Self-promotion and networking is not everyone’s cup of tea and some help from good books will be always welcome. If you nodded on any of the statements above or all of them, this is a book you must have on your bookshelf now – Self-promotion for Introverts – the quiet guide to getting ahead.
In today’s tough economy and ruthlessly competitive job market, nobody can afford to go unnoticed. Too often, introverts get passed over while their chattier – although not necessarily more gifted – colleagues get the jobs and the promotions. But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to business communication coach Nancy Ancowitz, author of SELF-PROMOTION FOR INTROVERTS®
Whether you are aiming to get hired or promoted, avoid getting laid off, promoting your own business, selling a product, or just want to be heard and recognized, you’ll find such useful tips as:

“Help, I have a presentation coming up and no way can I do this. I am just not made for public speaking!”