“If you are a romantic, you want to work for a company whose policies you agree with or to sell a product you believe in. If you are an adventurer, you love freedom and variety, the thought of sticking with one job for the long haul may cause you some anxiety.”

What career type are you?

The authors Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb discuss 9 career types which will help you identify your career strengths, weaknesses and interests.

An overview of what to expect in this book:

  • A quiz to determine your personality’s “Career Type”
  • Worksheets that fit a selection of jobs to your strengths, needs, and objectives
  • Extensive tables of jobs that currently offer your choice of what you’re looking for, whether the most money, the most opportunities, or the greatest flexibility
  • Sample résumés that will catch an employer’s attention
  • Detailed tips on preparing for a successful interview
  • Success stories of people just like you.
  • Exercises to help prioritize what you want most in a career

The Career Within You: How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality (HarperCollins) presents a good understanding of the Wagele-Stabb career finder, a tool which “leads you some suitable careers by asking you to match up your two or three favorite strengths to possible jobs that also call for that combination.” After each chapter which elaborates on a career type, the authors include a career-finder worksheet which is extremely helpful in putting together and getting a better insight of how to translate your personality type to a suitable career. Once you are done with the analysis you can note if your favorite career fields match your needs and requirements for an ideal job.

Wagele and Stabb do a great job in putting together this book by using numerous examples of how a personality type would fit into a career description, for example: “An adventurer might be a marketing director putting a new spin on the positioning of a company, a travel guide scouting out new venues for ecotourism, a product developer adding new features with the latest technology or an executive coach helping clients explore their full career potential.” A wide range of choice but you can most certainly figure out on the best match based on your skills and interests.

It turns around to be a great book to read once, at least to know more about what your work traits are and how you respond to particular situations are your current workplace, or even for the first time job hunters to know more about yourself. And that perhaps is the most important step in achieving anything in this world!

Get to know more about the book at the authors’ website: http://careerwithinyou.com/

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