“Charisma is a vital motivational and life skill,” attests Kurt W. Mortensen, a leading authority on persuasion, motivation, and influence. In THE LAWS OF CHARISMA: How to Captivate, Inspire, and Influence for Maximum Success (AMACOM 2010), Mortensen shows how anyone can harness this innate power to become more influential, successful, respected, cherished, and fulfilled.

The Laws of Charisma – How to Captivate, inspire, and Influence for Maximum Successby Kurt W. Mortensen is a well researched book with short and inspiring chapters which holds and maintains your attention till the very end – it is that kind of a book which you simply can’t put down until you’ve read it all. And at the end expect your Charisma quotient to rise by at least 50 percent (of course, expecting you implement what you have just savored)!

The reasons why I loved this book:

I want to be a charismatic leader and around the last 4-5 years I have researched superficially and skimmed through the meaning of CHARISMA – though not in-depth. Having read a lot about the power of influence and persuasion, charisma was something I have related to be linked to these essential leadership attributes but only after reading this book I can now implement the science and techniques of what it truly takes to be charismatic, other than what one naturally possesses.

The author Kurt Mortensen rightly points out that it takes both – nature and nurture to build upon your inner and outer charisma! This book enlightened me on right in the very first pages on what it truly means to be charismatic.

According to the author: Charisma is defined as the ability to easily build rapport, effectively influence others to your way of thinking, inspire them to achieve more, and in the process make an ally for life. Wonderful – I hope I have learnt enough to be charismatic to some extent!

This book discusses 30 skills, traits and attributes one needs to know to truly be charismatic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book not only because I have become a better leader than before but also because of the inspiring stories and examples in each chapter – these were entertaining and had a subtle or strong message which impacts your mind for long – sure enough storytelling is an important ingredient to drive the message home or just be charismatic!

Some essential traits that I learned through this book on being charismatic:

  • Tap into your true passion and it will influence others to come around to your point of view.
  • Charismatic and successful people enhance their energy by finding balance and alignment in their lives. No balance plus no energy means no charisma.
  • Passion is one great thing to have, but without the perception of competence you cannot radiate charisma or influence anyone. Having competence increases your expertise, enhances charisma and commands respect from your audience.
  • When you have tapped into your creativity, you can find new ways and practices to improve existing systems. When you tap into the creativity of those around you, you generate new interest in your goals and more excitement about the future.

You might have a feeling as you go through this book, “oh, this is something which I know or have read before” .. but when it all presents itself in one place, in the right order you have a checklist that you always wanted! The impact thus increases manifolds and results in effective action and implementation of the idea. The Laws of Charisma is not only about how you can be a better leader but useful to any entrepreneur who can use these techniques and traits to maximize success.

Read more about this book and related tips / articles at the authors’ website http://www.kurtmortensen.com/