“While we can stipulate that leadership matters and that we know it when we encounter it, it is much more difficult to find the elusive answer to the simple question, ‘What makes an effective leader?’”, the authors explain.

After examining hundreds of frameworks, studies, and philosophies developed by multiple generations of leadership experts, and asking that same question to experienced CEOs, respected academics, and leadership researchers, the authors discovered that all effective leaders take into account the long term and the short term, the desired outcomes and the people, and the leader’s own values, skills and passions.

They all practice the following rules:
  • Great leaders answer the question, “where are we going?” They shape the future.
  • Great leaders translate strategy into action. They make things happen.
  • Great leaders know who they need around them to fulfill their strategy. They engage today’s talent.
  • Great leaders build a workforce for the future. They are human capital developers.
  • Great leaders always ask themselves: “Am I prepared for what’s next?” They invest in themselves by constantly learning.

THE LEADERSHIP CODE is authored by Dave Ulrich, Kate Sweetman, and Norm Smallwood and is yet another good addition to the leadership series books that are there on the book shelves. I recently finished reading this not-too-long book (180 pages of leadership wisdom) and have evolved to a better understanding on how to be an effective leader.

There were some chapters in this book that were to the mark and presents a simplified direction for the present day leaders. The two rules (or codes) that are specifically relevant to today’s scenario where the generation Millennial is taking on the workplace by millions; special focus must be on:

  • Rule 3 – Engage Today’s Talent and
  • Rule 4 – Build the Next Generation

In a few pages in these chapters, the authors sum up some key strategies for nurturing talent within a company which includes:

  • Good Communication
  • Creating a Positive Environment
  • Having fun at Work
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Delegating and Empowering
  • Sharing Incentives and
  • Encouraging Networks and relationships

Overall a good read and some of the topic already much read around again emphasize and rather define precisely on how you can be an effective leader. As one of the latest books on leadership I would have loved to see another chapter or a special reference and advice to the young Generation Millennial leaders on how they can be more effective at leading people of different generations, but well maybe in their next edition or as I write this another book on leadership would in print specially focused on the younger generation leaders.

On their website http://www.leadershipcodebook.com/ , the authors provide some practical advice and also some assessment tools that we can learn from and test our abilities on being an effective leader. As you go through the book, don’t shy away from highlighting and underlining some to-the-point and apt “how-to” and “what-to-do” to be a good leader. Also don’t ignore the self-assessments dispersed throughout the book; it holds a mirror to your face and at times it is required if you have been doing what you have been doing and getting the same results over and over again.

Are you an effective leader?
Happy reading!