Something that we can all agree on is that having a job which we love, gets us excited every day and makes a difference in others lives as well. If you are happy with the work you do, and you feel it is valuable, then it is a proven fact that this is going to positively affect your mental health, and therefore your whole life. If you also earn a decent amount for your time, then the world is a much happier place. But choosing work, and trying to find something that is suitable and yet interesting, is something which a lot of people struggle with, especially younger people. 

However, some of the exciting jobs that bring in the rush of creativity and the joy of doing something amazing are right here – not somewhere in the future. Here are three of the most exciting job opportunities of recent years which the Gen Y might be interested in. Let’s take a look.


robotics Robotics Automation


If you are motivated and driven by technology and engineering, and of course you have a degree in related engineering filed or willing for an exciting career change, look up some jobs in robotics engineering. Your job may entail designing robots, working on motion control applications in robotics or automation field, or other related automated production systems. You would be required to have in-depth theoretical know how and experience with some practical implementations of robotic manipulation techniques for task automation. Proficiency at programming, good communications skills and working with the engineering team are also required and desirable. Robotics has a wide range of application from manufacturing, mining, agriculture, other fields. When you are looking for interesting work, you can probably agree that it doesn’t come much more interesting than being able make a robot as your daily job. It’s an evolving career field which has a huge potential for growth in the coming years.


Data Science


It should not come as too much of a surprise that, in this world of the information age, the very process of managing and analyzing data itself is a reputable job which needs doing. We are at the point now where a society needs its data handled properly almost as importantly as any other aspect which needs to be dealt with. Data science is still a very new field, but that is partly what makes it so exciting. With a data science fellowship, there are a huge number of fields you can go into, as everyone needs to focus on their data handling to some degree or another. Commonly, data scientists find themselves helping corporations and even governments with their data, so you never know quite where this kind of role might lead you.


Ethical Hacking


Do you have any self-taught hacking skills? The truth is, you are more likely to than any other generation who have come before. We have more knowledge in this area than ever before, and this is not all bad news. Despite the popular press opinion of hackers, the actual process of hacking itself can be used in a positive, socially informative and beneficial way, and this is the role of the ethical hacker. This kind of hacking is commonly aimed at businesses, who pay sometimes large amounts of money to hackers who can point out flaws in their systems, and help them to build better ones. Digital security is growing complex than every before and there’s a huge demand to keep our digital transactions secure. If you have a knack for coding, you might find this is right up your street. There are companies out there who pay a lot – make it millions – to hackers. In a CNN report some time back, a company paid hackers to learn about their tactics, then packages that and sells it to elite subscribers. Now isn’t that exciting – when you know you have the skills that can help a country or perhaps the whole world from the ‘dark forces’. That sure makes for a ‘Marvel heroes’ like skill!