Are you an amazing mathematician? Do you always know the answers before others can type the digits into their calculators? Then you should look for a career that uses your talents. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than stacking shelves for a living. Even if you don’t have official qualifications, you can still do much better than that. The job ideas below should be a good place to start your search.




Training as an accountant can take a long time. Indeed, that is why so many people now opt for apprenticeships. Having a piece of paper that says you understand accounting is not as impressive as years of experience. So, maybe you should contact some local firms?


SAP Consultant


We’re sticking with the accounts theme here. Most big businesses now use SAP software. As the graphic below shows, you could become qualified in as little as three months. SAP consultants can work on a freelance basis advising company bosses about their strategies.


Analytical Data Reviewer


Lots of companies perform research to gauge the markets. They often employ data reviewers to present their findings. Your role would be to create graphs and highlight trends from any data received. With a bit of luck, your expertise would help the business to make better decisions and predictions.




There are many different industries that need surveyors. People working in those roles need a good grasp of mathematics. That is because they have to apply different rules and formulas to their results. On average, surveyors will train for around three years. However, they will also earn a fantastic wage.


We hope you manage to find a suitable career path soon. There are hundreds of roles for people with your numerical skills. So, don’t give up hope. The right job is out there somewhere!