In an ever increasingly connected world, it’s not uncommon to stumble across genuine inspiration to make a change and start something new.

There are countless creative channels and pages on social media for the aspiring creative to lend some insight and learn new skills to help bolster your creativity, and the freelance gig economy is a perfect place to start your journey and see if it’s a good fit before deciding to make a career out of it.

The question is, what kind of creative job would you want? There are so many to choose from, so to make your decision a little easier, here are four examples of creative careers you can pursue today:



What list about creative jobs would be complete without mentioning photography?

The beauty of electing for a career as a photographer is the entire world is your canvas and your eyes and the camera are your creative instruments for expressing your skills and the beauty of nature.

Since most people have smartphones now with quality cameras, you can practice as much as you want to before deciding on investing in a quality camera and accessories such as lenses.

The photographer is essentially a visual artist who tells a story in images captured in the world, a good photographer will be able to capture the emotion and feel of the moment.


twoTattoo Sketch Artist

As far back as humankind goes, as soon as the combination of a needle and ink was discovered to allow a person to turn their bodies into works of art, tattoos have been a huge part of creative expressionism.

Now the stigmas are beginning to fade and more and more people are getting tatted up, there’s never been a better time to become a tattoo sketch artist.

Mind you, becoming a tattoo artist requires years of working under an experienced tattooist, a sketch artist requires no formal training, just a knack for being creatively adept.

If this is something you find yourself doing, start a portfolio and work on getting some clients to purchase your works of art. Start small and work your way up to more elaborate pieces.


threeWeb Developer

With the massive boom of online businesses, you’d be surprised to know how little some know about the ins and outs of website design. Sure, you can get a stock website template or even click and drag the site together, but sites like that tend to lack the professional feel.

If you know some basic computer programming and have a creative spark, you may consider a career in web design.

You would be amazed with what some people can bring to life on the screen, and even more surprised to find out how much some are willing to pay for a quality website for their business.

Start by creating a few on your own to showcase your skills and give perspective clients a feel for your style.


Content Copywriter

Do you find yourself having a way with words? Does a well constructed sentence make you feel as happy as a clam? Do you find yourself sick to your stomach at the sight of a grammatical error?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no further, a life of a content copywriter is the perfect career for you.

For those of you who are unsure what a copywriter does, they write all the content you see when you read an article online, or an ad and reviews for a product you’ve been debating on buying, there is a high probability that it’s been written by a content copywriter.

To get started in this field is simple, go online, search for clients on a reputable job site, pitch and wait. After a day or two of question your abilities, a client may message you and offer you a writing gig.

The cool part of this job is the ability to freelance, meaning you’re basically a grammatical mercenary who works for anyone and everyone in their perspective niches.

You can even write for local businesses and blogs if you know how to look for them, but the best part is the freedom to work from anywhere remotely as long as you can type and have an internet connection.


Pursuing Creative Careers

Keep in mind, this list is just a small taste of all the creative careers there are to choose from. You can do almost anything creative and there is  most likely will be someone who’s willing to pay you for it if you’ve put the time and effort into mastering your craft.