The design industry is the perfect sector for creative people. It gives you the chance to express yourself in a healthy, creative way. There are loads of design careers available to cater to whatever interests you might have. Have a think about where your strengths and interests lie, and think about the type of careers that suit your personality. Also consider what you might want to do for a career, this is something you could be doing for years.


If you’re struggling to come up with career ideas here are four to get you started. There are many others, but these four might be the most interesting to you.


Fashion Designer


This is one of the most sought after jobs in the creative and design industries. Fashion has become an enormous part of many people’s lives these days. As such, a career as a fashion designer remains enormously competitive. If this is a career path that interests you you’ll need some kind of qualifications. Many colleges and universities across the world offer courses in fashion design, such as a fashion merchandising degree. You can cut your teeth here learning from some of the big names in the fashion industry. As a fashion designer, you’re primarily responsible for designing ranges of clothing. These designs will often be done using scale models or draping materials across life size busts. You will need talent, dedication and determination if you’re to succeed as a fashion designer.




An architect is a respectable career, and one that can be lucrative too. As an architect, you’ll be responsible for the design of buildings and constructs. This is exciting as you are making a difference in people’s lives. But it also means you need to have talent to make sure your building is safe. You might find your main responsibilities will be designing homes or corporate office blocks. For something a little different visit Here you can find out about the process of designing churches. This will allow you more scope and grandeur for design. And you’ll be helping out the local community in the process.


Games Developer


A more original career path if you’re interested in design is to become a games developer. This is a job that every aspiring games enthusiast would love to have. It’s a job that involves the production and creation of computer games. These might be games for computer consoles, personal computers or handheld devices. It’s a competitive industry that is often difficult to get into. The industry is a high intensity, multi-billion dollar industry. You’ll find that if you want a job in this field you’ll need to have something to set you apart from the crowd. You’ll need a great idea, an understanding of the industry and the ability to do your job well.


Costume Designer

If you want to get involved with clothing design but you don’t fancy the fashion industry you can always design costumes. As a costume designer, you might be working in theatre, television or motion pictures. You could use your experience in fashion design and take it into costume design. Costumes are an important part of the film-making process, so you’ll have a key role in the production. You’ll need to have excellent design skills, of course. But you’ll also need to be good at improvising, working under pressure and sticking to budgets.