There is a lot to learn when it comes to child psychology. A degree in this area would put you in a role that will directly affect young lives. Parents need to trust in as child psychologists’ abilities, so empathy should always be a focus.

1. A Specific Pedigree

Getting a child psychology degree is not a walk in the park. Not everyone is capable of dealing with the emotional trauma of another human being. When that trauma comes from a child, it is even harder to digest. It takes a special person to understand the ups and downs of child psychology. A professional will take on a lot, but the end result is a reward unlike any other. A willingness to continually learn about the subject long after the degree is necessary. The more that is learned, the better equipped the mind will be to help others.

2. Flexible Schedule

A career in psychology gives provides a flexible schedule. This is what separates a career from a normal day to day job. Sometimes it will be a busy week, and other times a relaxed week is a necessary getaway. And when it comes to getting away, a flexible schedule will let a child psychologist take large chunks of vacation time as needed. Child psychology can be a stressful career, but will never feel like a dead-end position. Unlike other high demand stressful careers, child psychology has the best ‘take a break’ option.

3. Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss has its advantages. You can approach a situation with the tools that are best for the job. This keeps each session fresh and avoids burnout from repetitive tasks. Every patient is different, so their issues have different ways to reach a resolution. Each session is a goal to be accomplished, and every day is filled with its own kind of fulfillment.

A child psychologist has their choice of clients. This is an underrated feature of being in this position. You’re the person with the degree that understands how your own talents should be utilized. The workload matters, and will never become a string of endless numbers.

4. Income

With proper training, a child psychologist can enter the six-figure range. Even at the low end, the salary is competitive compared to similar degrees. A lot of private firms have hired child psychologists at a higher salary, but have not taken away the freedom of the position. That means there are plenty of child psychologists in the world that are earning even more than the average would suggest. After leaving college, a child psychologist can work at a private or charter school for a good salary. This is a good starting point to consider before diving fully into the position on your own.


Lend A Helping Hand

Child psychologists around the world are making a difference. Children and adolescents need to be heard, and your listening skills are in demand. If you want to help them succeed in life, then pursue a degree in child psychology.