Whether you’re fresh out of university, recently graduated from school or simply looking for a change in your career path, becoming a freelance musician is a more popular job choice than you might think. Although it can be difficult to promote yourself as a freelancer the hours are flexible, you can take on the jobs you really want to do and you don’t have to answer to a boring boss in an office anymore. Often you can work at home or mix and match your working days to suit your social schedule. Life is sweet as a musician who works for themself, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Here are four ways that you could use your musical skills to create a successful career for yourself.



OneBecome a DJ

If you love entertaining people, have a keen ear all all different genres of music and have some technical skills under your belt, then becoming a DJ might just be the job for you. You could book yourself onto the World’s Top DJ Course, if you are serious about making a career out of this. Soon enough you will be fully up to speed and available for gigs at parties, clubs, events, weddings and all types of other occasions. The best thing about being a DJ is that you might only need to work for a couple of hours each evening and your paycheck will be awesome.


twoJoin A Band

Look around your group of friends and see if you all have complimentary skills that would make up the perfect band. Whether that’s a soft rock group or a pop band, if you get your songwriting skills up to scratch you might just be able to make it big. Obviously you’re not going to make a lot of money overnight with this career, but it has huge potential.


threeTour With A Musical

Landing a gig on a cruise ship or musical tour might just be one of the best experiences you will ever get. Your accommodation and travel expenses are paid for, plus on your downtime it all equates to one big holiday.



You don’t have to teach children if you don’t think that’s your scene, there are plenty of adults out there looking to learn a new instrument, so your options are wide open. You could teach from the comfort of your own home, so it is a very low risk venture. Just make sure you are fully qualified to teach your pupils.