When it comes to making your career choice, you can often find that different jobs will speak to you in different ways. Because we are all unique, not every kind of job will appeal to every kind of person. But that’s often a good thing because there’s an ideal job out there for everyone. When you love to be around others, a job where you get to work closely with people could be exactly what you need. Although many career choices can offer you a high level of interaction with others, here are five areas that could prove to be the most rewarding.

Social Work

Social work is one of the few industries that allows you to work closely with others, is highly rewarding, and can offer you the opportunities to change people’s lives. If you love the idea of helping people, a career in social work may be for you. To get started in the industry, you need qualifications. An online BSW could be ideal for you if you want to train while you still work to support yourself. You will also need experience, and you should find that you can intern throughout your studies too.



Next, there’s also teaching to consider. If you’re looking for careers that are great for empaths, then becoming a teacher could be a strong option for you. Teaching allows you to work closely with children and shape their minds. If you’re looking to teach at the secondary level or above, you can also often teach a subject that you’re passionate about. You will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree to teach, of even a Ph.D. if you want to become a professor.


Project Management

If you like being around lots of different people but still working independently, you may also want to consider working in project management. Although your main priority is the project that you’re working on, the job will require you to liaise with a lot of different people. This may mean that you can communicate with a variety of people on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and can make your job feel like something different every single day.



Then there’s also nursing to consider. Like social work, being a nurse can be really rewarding. It’s also a career that allows you to interact with lots of different people and do a lot of good in the world. To become a nurse, you do need to train. You won’t need quite as extensive training as a doctor, but the nursing requirements do mean that you would need a bachelor’s in nursing to become a registered nurse.


Human Retargets

Finally, you may also want to think about going into human retargets. When you work in HR, you deal with a lot of different people. Not only may you be responsible for interviewing and appraisals, but also training and health and safety too. The nature of the job puts you into contact a lot with others and can often mean that your working day is quite varied too.


Image credit: Pexels