Some people live their entire lives wanting to help others. If that sounds like you, that’s a commendable quality. Virtually every major religion talks about helping people as being one of the best things you can do.

To better assist others, especially the less fortunate or the disadvantaged, you can pick a career path that lets you do that. Let’s look at five career choices that enable you to help other people if that’s something crucial to you.

1. Home Health Worker or Caregiver

If you have interview questions for in home caregivers, you’ll often find that helping people is the primary reason why they do what they do. You’re not going to make a ton of money in that profession, but there are few more vital things you can do to help humanity.

As a home health worker or caregiver, you might help cook meals for an individual who can no longer do it easily on their own. You might give them their medication and help them bathe and dress themselves. In some instances, you might help them exercise, keep their house clean by performing everyday chores, and more.

You don’t need to train as long for the job as you would to become a doctor or something else within the healthcare profession, but you can go home every day knowing you had a very real and meaningful impact on someone’s life.

2. Lawyer

There are many different kinds of lawyers, and you might focus on one particular law aspect. Some lawyers make a great deal of money, especially criminal defense or trial attorneys.

The law might attract you for a different reason, though. You may decide to be a public defender.

The police sometimes accuse people of crimes, and these unfortunate individuals cannot pay a lawyer to defend them. Some lawyers don’t want to do this kind of work, because again, you’re hardly likely to get rich that way.

Still, if you can help someone get off the hook when it’s clear the police overstepped by accusing them, that’s satisfying. They will also not be able to thank you enough if you can prove their innocence and let them resume their life.

3. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is a job that strikes a good balance between helping people and also making pretty decent money. You will have to go to school for several years to learn all about human anatomy and how it works.

You might open up your own practice or get a job working for a well-established one. In some cities, you can find physical therapy centers with several locations, and you might look into this as a viable option if you’re trying to get into the field.

You can show individuals recovering from surgery or those with chronic pain how to get their lives back on track. You can stretch them out and give them massages. You can also work with them on a home exercise program that hopefully will prevent them from experiencing the problems again that have brought them to see you.

4. Therapist

Like lawyers or doctors, some therapists focus on particular areas. You might counsel those who are having trouble in their marriage or relationship. You might help those who are having gender identity or sexuality issues.

You can make a respectable living, but you can also help people in a very hands-on, meaningful way. You might even save someone’s life if they’re suicidal, and you can help them find coping mechanisms that let them reengage with their life and find reasons to keep living.

5. Interpreter or Translator

You might find work as a translator or interpreter. There are all kinds of businesses and entities that hire translators and interpreters to help some of their clients or customers.

You might learn sign language and help those who are mute or who struggle to use speech to communicate. Public schools, government services, the entertainment industry, consulting, training, and the healthcare profession are all areas that frequently need interpreters.

If none of the jobs we mentioned really appeal to you, you might also think about become a dentist or a social worker. Maybe you want to assist people who have substance abuse issues.

If you get a little creative, you can often find a job where you can make a comfortable living, help people, and use the particular skills for which you have an aptitude. You will help humanity this way, and there are few more noble callings.