Did you know you can maintain good financial security after only two years of schooling?

Many people overlook the benefits of a career in radiology because they don’t have the information they need to make an informed decision. A career in radiology can be started in as little as two years and can result in great income and great opportunities.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 great reasons to start a career in radiology. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Short Program

If you want to pursue a career in radiology, consider working as a radiologist technician. Most programs take only two years to complete. These programs offer the knowledge you need as a radiology technician. They also provide you with some clinical experience. After graduating, you need only to obtain your radiology certification and keep it current.

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2. Income

A career in radiology provides financial security, especially considering the course for becoming a technician is only two years long. The average annual salary for a radiology technician is about $62,000 annually. New graduates often start out in the $20 to $30 per hour range. This amount increases as you add on overtime and on-call hours. Comparatively, the average salary for a radiologist is $503,000. Of course, this requires many more years of schooling and residency.

3. Job Security

Radiologists and radiology technicians are always in demand, so there is a lot of job security with this career path. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7% growth in the next 10 years. This is higher than the national average growth projection for other fields.

4. Career Advancement

The versatility of radiology careers allows for significant career advancement. You have the option to specialize in programs such as mammography or MRI. Specializing also offers an increase in income. You also have the option of attending medical school to pursue a degree as a radiologist. After completing medical school, you then need to complete an internship, a residency, and a state licensing exam. There is another exam required if you want to become board certified.

While the latter option requires significantly more time, energy, and money, you can see the proportionate increase in income.

5. Rewarding Work

While there are a lot of benefits to radiology jobs, there are many more benefits in regard to the actual work. Radiology provides a wide variety of interesting cases to work on. This minimizes the sense of monotony that is typical of 9-5 jobs. If you enjoy working as a detective or as part of a diagnostics team to solve complicated cases, you will love working in radiology.

Start Your Career in Radiology

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of working as a radiologist, as well as the benefits of the work itself, you are ready to decide if this career is right for you. If you are interested in the idea of minimal schooling, high pay, and rewarding work, we strongly recommend considering a career in radiology.

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