If you’re looking for a rewarding career where you work with people, consider becoming a phlebotomy technician. The health care career involves taking information from patients, talking to them about their upcoming procedures, and collecting blood samples. You’ll need to label them and send them to be processed in the lab.

After you take phlebotomy classes, you can work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, and plasma centers. Taking blood samples from patients is a necessary job that helps physicians diagnose disorders. You can also help people donate blood to help save lives. Phlebotomy technicians are a valuable part of the health care industry. If you decide to be a phlebotomy technician, you’ll enjoy several benefits.

Short training program

Phlebotomy training programs are quick, often 16 weeks or less. After you earn your certification in the skill, you’ll be eligible to find a good paying job with plenty of job security in a growing career.

Earn a livable wage

Phlebotomy technicians earn on average about $18 per hour, which is about $37,500 annually. There is room to grow in this field, and if you continue your education, you could become a leader in your field and earn more money. This wage is better than other careers with similar training requirements.

Working with a variety of people in a variety of places

When you go to work as a phlebotomy technician, you’ll experience plenty of variety while on the job. You can work in a variety of places, and you’ll have plenty of stories to tell based on the people you meet. You’ll work with plenty of people, including doctors, nurses, researchers, and office teams that support your work and make your job fun. Because phlebotomy technicians use needles to draw blood from patients, you’ll learn how to work with people who fear needles.

Time and location flexibility

Phlebotomists are needed everywhere that people need their blood drawn. You can choose to work anywhere in the world that accepts your certification. If you enjoy working in one location, you can build a life in a city you love. If you enjoy exploring the world and seeing new places, you can find work in hospitals, clinics, and traveling health care. Since hospitals are open 24/7, they need phlebotomy technicians all day and night, leaving plenty of shifts available for people who enjoy working early, late, or traditional hours.

Helping people get well

Phlebotomy technicians help people in their quest to become healthy and well. Health care professionals ask phlebotomy technicians to draw blood to learn more about their patients’ needs. Physicians look at the outcomes of labs to determine what steps to take to help their patients make the best decisions about their care.

In many situations, the work phlebotomy technicians do can help save lives. While phlebotomists don’t often find out what happens after they draw blood, they can trust they are helping people and making a positive impact in their health care journey.

Gain experience as a phlebotomist, with time, you can well advance to other areas in the medical field. Every experience counts!