Do you love helping other people? Would you like to get paid around $60,000 a year on average just to create an overwhelmingly positive benefit for yourself and your clients?

If your answers are yes, becoming a health and wellness coach might be just the right career choice for you. Here are five top reasons why you should consider health and wellness in your career options.

1. Help Others

Wellness coaching motivates people to become healthier. This can mean tackling specific health, improving overall health, or both. Health coach services include helping people with:

  • Health assessments and goals
  • Nutrition and meal plans
  • Fitness and exercise routines
  • Health issue management strategies (diabetes, smoking, etc.)
  • Sleep quality management
  • Creating long-lasting healthy habits

A health coach also provides valuable support and motivation. Making long-term lifestyles can be difficult. It takes 30 attempts on average just to quit smoking, let alone making huge changes to diet, physical activity, and other important health and wellness habits.

2. Be Your Own Boss

This catchphrase may get overused, but it’s true. If you’re looking for self-employment career options, wellness coaching offers:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Choose your own clients
  • Work from any location 
  • Additional revenue options (blogging, streaming, online programs, etc.)
  • Control over work-life balance 
  • Financial freedom 

Most people are wasted at 9-5 jobs. Why miss family time for underpaid work that gives you grief every time you get sick or want to take a vacation? You can be self-employed in your own positive business instead. 

3. Improve Your Own Health

It’s difficult to neglect your own health and wellness when it’s in your job description. You’ll learn all the health-related information you need to help clients and how to improve your own wellness in the process.

Wellness coaching also teaches you positive motivation and support techniques. You can take these skills and use them for yourself, friends, and family in many different situations outside of health and wellness.

4. Learn Valuable Skills

In addition to health science and motivation techniques, your formal health and wellness training will teach you skills like:

  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Finance management
  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Stress management
  • Formal interviewing and feedback

Health and wellness certification shows you how to hone your empathetic coaching and leadership abilities. Learn more info here. 

5. It’s Fun and Self-Fulfilling 

Past research shows the average 8-hour worker is productive for only around 3 hours during their workday. This isn’t because they’re lazy. It’s because current labor systems are still stuck in the old Industrial Era design that’s outdated for the Information Age. 

If you love being productive and hate doing unfulfilling corporate busy work, wellness coaching is a great career choice. It allows you to fill your work hours with productive, valuable services that give people tangible benefits. You’ll get paid just to do something you love. 

Are You Ready to Become a Wellness Coach?

Health and wellness are a critical part of everyone’s lives. As a wellness coach, you’ll perform valuable services for your clients. You’ll enjoy many benefits for yourself, such as financial freedom and self-fulfillment. 

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