The world of engineering is a very lucrative but challenging field in which to build a livelihood. As a young engineer, you have a world of possibility ahead of you in your career. But to have the most opportunities, it is essential to position yourself to be hired by successful firms. Having a handful of key skills is one of the most effective ways to get hired. Below, we list the top 5 skills you need to stand out and get hired.

1. Knowledge Of Manufacturing Techniques

The vast amount of manufacturing techniques are one of the reasons engineering is so complex. As a would-be engineer, it is key to know as many manufacturing techniques as possible.  

There is a fine balance here, though. You need to know about multiple techniques, but also have a deep enough understanding about the techniques so that your knowledge is useful. If you know about fewer techniques for the sake of deeper understanding, then so be it. It is better to prioritize quality knowledge over quantity of knowledge.

For example, knowing the answer to what is CNC milling can be extremely helpful, but it would also be beneficial to understand 3D printing and other key manufacturing techniques. By knowing such techniques in detail, you can handle a wide range of situations.

2. Teamwork

One of the best ways to prepare for your career is to be a valuable team member and know how to do teamwork. Teamwork is a transferable skill that will benefit you throughout your entire career. When it comes to engineering, projects are often highly complex, so having a team is vital. Without it, a project either will not be finished, or the standard will be incredibly poor. Knowing how to give and get the most out of a team can boost a company’s efficiency and quality of work.

To be good at teamwork, you will need good communication skills. Optimizing relevant forms of communication and keeping coworkers up to date with relevant information is part of that. Sometimes a phone call will suffice; other times, a face-to-face meeting will be better. Understanding written forms of communication, like email, is also essential.

3. Analytical Mind

Your analytical mind can set you apart as an engineer. An analytical mind may seem like a prerequisite to being an engineer, but not all engineers have them. Knowing how to approach a problem and then create practical and logical solutions is integral to engineering. Not having an analytical mind will put you at a disadvantage as an engineer. But with an excellent analytical mind, you can assess a situation, overcome any potential obstacles, and create a suitable solution. 

You will also learn from the past to solve future problems, whether personal, team, or business-wide. By learning from the past, you can identify areas for improvement. You will constantly be learning and adapting so that you can do better on future projects. Such skills will make you more hirable.  

4. Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is a common trait that employers look for in potential employees, but none more than engineers. Precision is vital in engineering as, without it, mistakes will easily occur that negatively impact the end product. Even the smallest oversights can mean poor results, and financial losses are inevitable. At worst, an oversight and lack of attention to detail can put lives in danger.

If you are precise and thorough in your work, you will be a valuable asset to any company. Carrying out detailed research and not rushing the development or testing stage will ensure the accuracy of results. Your ability to communicate effectively and think analytically will help you become detail-oriented.

5. Eagerness To Learn New Technology Skills

Finally, good engineers have to develop with the world around them. That means constantly looking for ways to improve and deepen their knowledge. In the technology age, that will often mean learning about new software and hardware that can help make solutions far more efficient. Being enthusiastic and eager to learn new technologies will impact your decision-making within a project and improve the outcome. 

Skills A Young Engineer Needs

Becoming an engineer is a fantastic decision to make. However, it can be a competitive world where it is easy to be left behind. By arming yourself with all of the above skills, you will put yourself in the best position to have a successful career that is financially and personally rewarding.