HUMAN-RESOURCESWhile it’s true that employers are always on the lookout for technical skills, soft skills are important too, and more so when planning a career in HR. But all too often, these skills are overlooked, not by the employer, but by students themselves. What students don’t realize is that soft skills are actually scarce, and very much in demand right now. It’s easy for employers to find somebody with a degree. It’s much more difficult for them to find somebody with both a degree and somebody with the ability to work effectively in a team.
Here are some of the most sought-after soft skills. These are the skills that are, despite appearance, scarce in most HR departments.


no-01rA Good Work Ethic


HR employees have to work hard. But a common complaint from employers is that their staff don’t work hard enough. Often they find themselves babysitting the very people they have employed. Often HR consultancy services must be brought in to manage staff absences and even discipline.


The last thing that your managers will want to do is spend time ensuring that you’re working hard. They want to get on with their own careers. Having a strong work ethic from the start is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Make sure that it is clear at interview that you are highly motivated. Convince them that you don’t need their constant monitoring to do well. And avoid mistakes on your CV.


no-02rDeveloped Research Skills


Research involves a lot more than just typing in various search terms into Google. You have to be clever about the way that you present and analyse information. It’s not enough to simply spam your employer with information; it has to be presented in a structured way.


The ability to do great research is in high demand in HR departments. You need to be able research the best talent in the marketplace to drive your company forward. Yet there are few people entering the workforce who have developed this skill.


no-03rA High “EQ”


There are very few jobs these days that are solo pursuits. The vast majority require you to work in a team. And none, more so, than HR. As a result, it’s important that you’re able to get along with other people. Having high emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is essential for new graduates entering the workforce. If you understand the perspectives of others, you’ll be a lot more attractive to employers.They want people in their HR departments who really understand other people.

Build stronger peoples skills and you’ll enjoy your career in HR and move up the corporate ladder with ease.


no-04rThe Ability To Manage A Project


Organisational skills aren’t something that’s taught in college. It’s something that most graduates have either built up in their own time, or can do instinctively.


But organisational skills are essential in HR. This is because so many tasks in the modern HR departments revolve around projects. Perhaps you’ll have to implement a new IT system for managing staff vacations. Or maybe you’ll need to spearhead a new recruitment drive. Thus, you need to be able to manage many things at once.




Finally, employers are looking for people who can quickly adapt to new circumstances. Conditions change in business all the time, and so do HR processes. Graduates need to demonstrate at interview that they can adapt to new tasks.