“Wanderlust” is the word assigned to the strong desire to travel, and it would be a traveler’s dream to get paid to do so. Well, there are many jobs that will allow just that! Some are freelance jobs while others are more steady, but here are six jobs that will allow you to make money while you travel.

Top 3 Steady Jobs for Travel

Steady jobs are full-time or part-time jobs where you work for an employer. You have a set schedule (sometimes variable, but not too variable) and you have an hourly wage/yearly salary with room for an increase. Steady jobs usually also come with benefits, such as health insurance.

#1: Flight Attendant

A flight attendant and a travel agent are probably the first two jobs that come to mind when thinking of jobs that allow you to travel. Because many people don’t use travel agents as much as they used to, a flight attendant may be better suited for those who want to get paid to travel. To be a flight attendant, you have to be able to stand on your feet for a long time, be able to lift heavy objects, and have good customer service and hospitality skills.

Some airlines may require you to start off working on domestic flights before you can work international flights, but in the meantime, you’ll be able to travel all over the country. Once you’re working international flights, not only will you be traveling to other countries, but you’ll also be able to explore them as well. Depending on which airline you’re working for, layovers can be between 24 and 72 hours, giving you some time to see a new country.

#2: Au Pair

If you have a love of children as big as your love of traveling, consider a job as an au pair, which is kind of like a nanny, but lives with a host family. Nannies have to be paid at least minimum wage, but au pairs receive free room and board in addition to a set fee. Becoming an au pair is a great way to learn about another family’s culture, while also teaching them about your own. Au pairs are typically young and the age requirements vary among countries; the usual minimum age to become an au pair is 17, and the maximum age is typically 30, but goes up to 35 in Canada. There are other requirements to become an au pair, so make sure that you qualify.

#3: Archaeologist

Archaeology is another career that allows you to travel. Archaeologists are interested in learning about people, and they study and analyze artifacts. While some work is done in the “field”, most work is done in a lab. This doesn’t mean, however, that the “lab” will always be in one place. Archaeologists can study artifacts all over the world, depending on what they’re studying.

Top 3 Freelance Jobs for Travel

Freelancers are independent workers who accept work from many different employers, and work schedules, as well as salaries, can vary from project to project. Usually, entrepreneurs start off as freelancers.

#1: Freelance Photographer

You can become a freelance photographer who takes and sells pictures of the landscapes of all the places you’ve traveled. You can also sell an ebook or online photography class teaching others how to take professional pictures.

#2: Travel Blogger

You can start a blog documenting your travel experiences, from the places you visit to the food you eat. To get paid to blog, you’ll need to allow companies to run ads on your blog, become an affiliate marketer, or even sell some products of your own. Of course, you’ll see more success with this once you have a larger following, so it’s okay to start off small.

Freelance/Work While You Travel

Word of caution: While you’re able to pick up work here and there while you’re traveling, always be careful when doing so. Because you’re traveling, you may use rideshare services to get around in different places. With that, always be sure you’re getting in the right vehicle and pay attention to your surroundings as there are many lawsuits being filed against these rideshare companies for assault, which is typically a result of their lax hiring procedures.

Another good way to make money while you’re traveling is to rent your place out to another traveler. This way, you can earn a little extra cash to put towards your next trip.