Everyone gets excited at the idea of making money online. Some people make it look so easy from the outside, it misleads others into believing that anyone can do it.

While online money-making scam ads float through the virtual “air”, are there actual proven ways of earning online? Read on, you will find the ultimate solution right here.

Whether you are an online entrepreneur or marketeer, you’ve heard of Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels has set the online marketing world ablaze with its groundbreaking software. On top of that, their generous affiliates program has piqued the interest of every online marketeer. Make thousands of dollars every month through Clickfunnels.

Try out these six proven ways of making money online with Clickfunnels in 2020.

But, FIRST, What Exactly IS Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels surfaced in 2014, claiming to provide a complete solution for the marketing and sales needs of every online business. People quickly realized that this software is a goldmine.

Imagine the costs of running your business online. You need to have to run a proper website, bringing in paying guests. You will need to buy a domain, hire a web hosting service and a developer, various other software, and a content manager.

Imagine all that being taken care of by using only one, single software. Clickfunnels does all this for you while making it super easy that anyone with no prior knowledge of online marketing can set their business online by using it! You can also earn through Clickfunnels by the following, PROVEN WAYS.

Earn as an Entrepreneur

2020 is the perfect year for selling products and services online. Many established businesses have shifted to online sales.

With this powerful software, you can create your own landing page even if you don’t know anything about developing web pages. Think of it like having an entire marketing and sales team aiding your online business. The main purpose of having a website is to create your marketing funnels that convert leads into sales. On Clickfunnels you can create a landing page(and more pages!) within sales funnels, which will lead your guests to the exact product they need and guide them on every step of the buying process.

Clickfunnels ensures repeated purchasing and converts leads to paying guests, through continuous follow-ups!

Earn as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

Clickfunnels affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there. You will get a 30% recurring commission for every paying guest you bring in. You will also get a 30% commission for the sale of Clickfunnels associated products!

You get many incentives from becoming an affiliate. Ever heard of receiving 100% commission from sales as an affiliate? Participate in their One Funnel Away Challenge and get 100% commission.

Enter the program to sign up for their most lucrative incentive, the Dream Car Contest. Through this contest, you get a monthly reward for the lease of your dream car. Bring them 100 paying customers and receive $500 per month, and with 100 more you get 1000 dollars monthly!

Five Proven Way You Can Make Money as an Affiliate

#1 Become an Expert

Once you decide to become an affiliate, consider getting some training. If you take an affiliate course, you can gain all the knowledge you need to become an expert affiliate. You can become a Clickfunnels consultant or a sales funnels specialist or both. As a consultant, you can bring your services to people looking for help with their sales funnels. Even if you don’t charge for your services, you can earn through the commissions. Promote Clickfunnels to those you provide the service and convert them into buyers.

Have you been working as an online marketeer by writing SEO articles? You can promote Clickfunnels through your articles, just ensure you backlink various Clickfunnels share links within it.

#2 Using Social Media

One proven method of promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate is using social media. You can create a social media account that focuses on Clickfunnels. You can promote through direct interaction with your followers.

Social media gives you a platform through which you can engage your audience and promote Clickfunnels. You can use media for your promotion, for example making photo pamphlets or writing sales pitches on Clickfunnels. Get your audience talking, discuss the issues they face regarding their sales funnels. You can do live streams where you directly address the audience and discuss how Clickfunnels can provide the solutions.

Always provide your promotional affiliate link. Clickfunnels will track the traffic you bring in and you will receive commissions for paying guests.

#3 Create A Clickfunnels Product

You can create your Clickfunnels affiliate products or services. By creating your own unique product or service related to Clickfunnels, you earn money from sales, along with receiving affiliate commissions.

If you are a good writer, consider writing your own book relating to Clickfunnels. You can write about your own experience regarding Clickfunnels and how it helped you make money. Not only will you get commissions, but you will also earn from book sales.

After becoming an expert affiliate, you can design your own affiliate training program. Through this program, you can share your knowledge and guide future affiliates to success. What an incredible opportunity to earn money and help people at the same time!

#4 Create a Vlog for Clickfunnels

60% of consumers admitted to buying a product after watching a video related to it. This is why using a vlog for promoting Clickfunnels is super effective. You can create a vlog where you promote Clickfunnels using different marketing strategies. For example, if you are convincing and great at delivering verbal sales pitches, you can do that through a vlog. If you are camera-shy, you can use your audio alone.

Brainstorm on generating promotional video content. You can discuss sales funnel problems and can also answer questions from your followers. You can create how-to videos and guide people with how they can use Clickfunnels to create various sales funnels, landing pages, etc. Always provide your links with the video.

#5 Actively Finding Clients

Look around you and find businesses that need help getting established online or need to improve their websites. You can do this online or offline, by reaching out to the businesses and promoting Clickfunnels. If you can properly demonstrate the usefulness of Clickfunnels and bring in more paying buyers for the software, you will earn more commissions.

Final Thoughts

You can earn thousands of dollars through these proven methods with Clickfunnels. So, don’t sit around! Let Clickfunnels help you earn with your business or through their exciting affiliate incentives!