Think you’ve got what it takes to become a tennis instructor? Check out this helpful guide on what you need to do to get certified and start teaching!

The economic index for the tennis industry is over $5 billion. This includes a $2.11 million industry index of players from ages 6 to 12 years old.

Tennis players start in their youths and dedicate time and sweat to perfecting their matches. But they don’t do it alone.

A tennis instructor is imperative to shaping a tennis player’s techniques, no matter their age. One-on-one, private lessons, and group lessons are important factors to building an athlete’s serves, hits, and dexterity on the court.

If you love the game, and want others to love it as well, you might consider becoming a tennis instructor. Here, we’ll show you the steps to get into a career you will love.

Study The Game

As a tennis instructor, you’ll need a keen eye and knowledge of how the game is played and won.

Make sure that you love playing the game, as well as watching it. Both will be important in knowing how to communicate different skills to a tennis player growing in their game.

You’ll need the eye to spot the next Andre Agassi, Venus or Serena Williams, or even Prabir Purohit.

Take this time to volunteer to teach and work with tennis players. Volunteering with a school or a local recreation center is a great way to see another instructor in action, and how they teach their students. You will also get a good feel for the patience, clear instruction, and motivation you will need to provide for students.

Become an Assistant

After making connections and volunteering, you’ll want to move into an assistant position. Working with a professional tennis instructor during their lessons will help to both shape your coaching style, but also help you get hands-on experience in an instructing capacity.

While assisting, you’ll gain the knowledge of the instructor’s business structure. Seeing how they schedule their classes, and when, will give you valuable insight into the demographics you may be able to teach as a professional tennis coach.

Assisting can also open more doors to coaching and instructing positions on your own. Tennis students who have found success and trust through your instruction are a great target of feedback and for referrals.

Get Certified By an Authority in Tennis

Becoming a certified instructor in tennis will help open more doors for any aspiring tennis instructor. Whether for a team coaching position, one-on-ones in a tennis club even at the local recreation center–a respectable certification will boost any resume.

The United States Tennis Association, for example, is a leading voice in the sport of tennis. The association offers coaching accreditation, and also offers its own accreditation to other organizations that can provide education and credentials to an aspiring tennis instructor.

Ready to Become a Tennis Instructor?

Once you have assisted a tennis instructor and obtained accreditation and certification by a governing body: you are ready. Start your career in a tennis club, athletic center, or even at a recreation center training up and coming athletes. You will have the freedom to work between clubs and setting your own class times.

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