The Current Hiring Climate

admin-careersSince the recession, for the first time companies are now putting mechanisms in place to fill their back-office administrative, front-office, and support positions to full complement. The power behind this new impetus is a growing focus on embracing social media and excellent customer service by organisations. A further drive is the ongoing reliance on business processes that are technology-based.

HR directors in organisations are seeking candidates who are resilient in response to a business environment that is changing fast. This could demand taking a proactive role in social media campaigns, in liaising with suppliers, at the switchboard or reception. Today communication skills and flexibility are the most significant attributes for HR directors as they seek new office support and administrative candidates.

As a dearth of trained professionals starts to hit organisations, training has made a comeback. Rather than just hire based on proven skills and qualifications, companies are now going for administrative staff that can fit within their corporate culture. However, retaining key staff still remain a major concern with 80% of HR directors concerned about the possibility of losing their top performers in the coming year.

Regional UK Administrative Hiring

The market in the UK is seeing an expanding demand for administrative and HR professionals across all sectors as organisations seek shore up growth. For instance, the London market is witnessing strong and growing demand for specialised senior-level HR professionals, as well as for Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants who possess C-suite experience. In contrast, the other regions are experiencing a rising demand for professionals that are multi-skilled in terms of project experience.

Skills in High Demand

Some of the key skills which are currently experiencing great demand include:

  • Outstanding verbal plus communication skills
  • Microsoft Office applications full suite experience
  • Effective time management
  • Focus on strong customer service
  • CIPD qualifications, especially for office and HR administrative staff

Trends in Administrative Salaries

Hiring managers who are equipped with information related to current employment and salary trends in their respective geographical areas and industries are positioned to hire and retain the best of performers. Robert Half’s Salary Guides has been designed to supply comprehensive average starting salaries figures for a diversity of fields such as administrative, finance and accounting, legal, technology and for the creative professionals.

Every single specialised staffing division of Robert Half publishes a yearly Salary Guide that is particular to the field being served by that division. This Guide also comes with a Salary Centre. Each of these Guides carries in-depth and comprehensive information on workplace and hiring trends. Job seekers and hiring managers can visit a particular Salary Centre for all industry sectors served to access some extra tools. Among the tools are useful insights on positions that are in-demand as well hot industries. The Guide also has Salary Calculator customised by location and title.

The 2016 Administrative Salary Guide is the ultimate retarget for information on salaries for secretarial, administrative and office support roles across the United Kingdom. The Guide includes yearly salary trends as well as 2016 hiring expectations. It provides starting salaries covering over 120 interactive, public relations, design, marketing and advertising positions, plus information on current trends being witnessed in the field of creative arts.


Finding, hiring and being able to retain administrative staff are turning into a bigger challenge daily. Consequently, admin professionals’ salaries and bonuses are rising fast as companies get into competition for the best personnel. 67% of HR directors are willing to enter into salary negotiations with their top job candidates.

While previously bonuses to office and administrative staff were awarded sparingly, the desire to hold top performing employees implies that now more rewards are being offered. Almost 24% of HR directors indicated that they would hike the bonuses level awarded to their professional-level workers in 2016. This is certainly an incentive for the mid-level professionals in the UK.

In addition, the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide provides the standard or staring beginner salary data and information for a broad range of positions in the fields of finance and accounting, as well as a general outlook of management and hiring and trends.

Salary Calculator

The 2016 online salary calculator from Robert Half gives you instantaneous accessibility to the standard salary ranges in any area of interest for administrative, secretarial and office support roles.

Additional Remuneration Trends

Today, employees are placing growing significance on work–life balance as they consider any job offer made to them. While bonus and basic salary still remain important, now there is an increased desire for job and office schedules that are in sync with individual and personal preferences.

Technology solutions accessibility is making it possible for organisations to offer more options for remote working, a trend that is likely to grow in a bid to pull in suitable candidates.


Administrative Salary Guide 2016 is the definitive and ultimate retarget for anyone who is being hired or those hiring in the administrative sector. The Guide tracks hiring and compensation levels trends for over 700 roles. Specifically, the Guide covers projected 2016 beginner salary ranges for administrative positions. This retarget gives a broad overview of the current trends in hiring, provides management advice as well a useful job descriptions glossary.