If you think that being a pet sitter is little more than a walk in the park, do think again. Dog walkers and pet sitters have jobs that require super organizational skills along with plenty of record keeping and advance planning. For this reason, tech savvy dog walkers and professional pet sitters will be pleased to know that animal care apps are improving by leaps and bounds.


Walkin’ the dog


Daily walks are important to overall doggie health. Regular walks, whether done by a professional walker or by the pet’s owner, improve agility and cardiovascular health in both human and animal. Regular brisk walks are great for overweight pets and can help them trim down to a healthy weight. Daily pet walks boost digestive health and reduce the risk of constipation and bladder infections, too. Dogs who receive regular walks are also less apt to chew furniture, dig up the yard to yield to excessive scratching and other destructive behaviors. If your pet seems anxious, a nice long walk may improve their mood considerably. Not only that, but walking with a dog strengthens the happy bond between human and pet, notes PetMD.


PetFirstAid, available for iPhone and Android devices, is a must-have for responsible pet sitters and dog walkers. The app offers detailed illustrations and videos that help pooch-oriented professionals administer first aid to a pet in distress. With PetFirstAid, you can learn how to do CPR on a pet and how to quickly assess virtually any potential problem.


Time trackers to know about


An Android app called Pet Minder Pro helps pet sitters keep track of their clients’ pets. Easy to setup and use, this app lets sitters and pet owners monitor medication schedules, walking schedules and doggie play dates, too. Track puppy training and other canine milestones with Pet Minder for Android, recommends Mashable.


Rover and DogVacay are handy apps that help pet owners and dog sitters connect. Touted as a sort of AirBnB for pooches, the DogVacay app is perfect for people who’d prefer a sitter who comes to their house in lieu of boarding their furry friend in a kennel.


How about that weather


Wondering what to wear for your afternoon of dog walking? Get a great app like Weather Live Free, and you’ll never have to guess again. Use the weather forecast feature to set up your weekly dog walking schedule and plans trips to the dog park more effectively. Don’t get caught in a downpour when you’re dressed for warm summer weather conditions and never forget the doggie boots on snowy city days.  You can learn more about this amazing app at Google Play.


Dog walking and pet sitting are two of the few jobs that cannot yet be replicated by machines or computers. Whether pet care is your life’s work or just a part time gig, a few easy apps can simplify your workday and help you organize your time more effectively. Download some today to see what we mean.


And if you were wondering how much you would make as a dog walker – according to Angies’ list  a dog walker can in the US can earn ‘about $15 to $20 per 20-minute walk and $20 to $30 per 30-minute walk’. All while you get to exercise with the pets!