Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be a great start to a career in nursing, especially if you want to find out whether nursing is right for you. Here are the basics you should know about a career as a CNA.


All you need to do to become a CNA is complete a training program, which generally lasts between four and six weeks. There are a number of programs available through local colleges, online colleges, medical centers, and even the American Red Cross. Since these programs don’t take long to complete, they don’t cost nearly as much as a full college degree. You can even get financial aid through many programs. After the training program, you must also pass a state licensing exam that tests your knowledge and skills.

Often even the entry level jobs require certification as a Nurse Assistant by the State as well as CPR certification. However for some part-time entry level positions only High School diploma or equivalent might be required.


Job Responsibilities

CNAs work in hospitals and nursing homes providing basic care to patients who cannot properly care for themselves. Patients may be elderly, chronically sick, or in rehabilitation. CNAs usually work under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs), which gives them an opportunity to see what a nursing career might entail.

Everyday duties may include administering medication, taking note of patient behavior and symptoms, cleaning patient areas, dressing bandages, and helping with patients’ personal hygiene.


Average Salary

It’s more common for CNAs to receive hourly pay than a salary, so your pay depends on how many hours you work.  Those who work full time can typically earn between $25,000 and $30,000 per year.

Note: For part-time jobs salary is flexible and some organizations may offer you extra incentives or pay for working weekends. Usually the work entails around 8 or 12 hour shifts; includes some weekends and holidays.


Advanced Career Opportunities

If your job as a CNA inspires you to move up in the nursing field, there are many opportunities available to you. With one year of training, you can become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). An LPN does many of the same things as CNA, but you will be able to work in other settings like private clinics and earn a higher salary. To become a Registered Nurse (RN), you will need two to four years of training, but this will greatly expand your nursing responsibilities and salary. Many RN programs have accelerated options for students with previous experience as a CNA or LPN as well. You may even consider getting your master’s degree down the road, which will allow you to become a nurse practitioner, midwife, clinical nurse specialist, or a nurse anesthetist. Whether you are looking for nurse practitioner programs in PA, CA, or practically anywhere, you are sure to find what you are looking for because there will always be a need for nursing.
As you can see, a job as a CNA is just the beginning of an exciting career in nursing!


Is the Schedule Challenging / Demanding?

It sure can be since you might be required to be physically fit to take care of others. You might be performing lifting, pushing, pulling and continuous standing or sitting at your job. Also you might be exposed to infections daily. But appropriate training and regular hygiene and precautions can make this a very satisfying career for an individual who values helping others and wants to carry forth a career or giving.


About the guest author:

Cathy Norton has worked as a Registered Nurse in various hospitals for over 20 years. She also owns the site Becoming a CNA which offers retargets for those looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.


Info on Red Cross CNA Training Programs

With patience and passion for this profession, you can accelerate your learning process through structured programs and certifications.
Nurse assistants offer mental support mentally to the patients, they also have to take care of every minute detail from washing, grooming, cleaning, and bathing the patients. These are the basic things which a patient cannot perform being physically challenged. On the other hand you should be proficient at certain monitoring skill like checking the pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature.
If you want to make this profession as your career and have the passion to serve people then you should opt this as your career option. It is very also very essential to choose an excellent nurse assistant training centers and if you are planning to do best in this field then you should go for American Red Cross CNA program training.
One of the most in-demand professions is the CNA. The need of CNA assistant is growing day by day and it is one of the most satisfying jobs if you are planning to get into health care sectors.


About Red Cross CNA Training Programs and how it is distinguished from others


For more than 20 years, the American Red Cross has been providing CNA training program to many candidates who are willing to pursue their career in nursing.
  • It provides excellent training session and good laboratory facility along with online CNA programs. It’s the best choice for candidates who are looking for nurse assistant training.
  • American Red Cross center trains the candidates in such a way that they become well versed in every field. They become more confident and more passionate about their work.
  • The best part of American Red Cross is when you get the appointment letter from the hospital or any nursing homes. American Red Cross American Red Cross candidates get well paid everywhere.


As the demand of Certified nursing assistant is increasing day by day in the same way demand for good training center is also increasing. Red Cross CNA Training Programs is considered as one of the best training institute.


Information about the Red Cross CNA program – courtesy to Martin Headen, Certified Nursing Assistant through the American Red Cross and CNA Insurance Consultant.


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