Not everyone knows what kind of career they want. And sometimes the desire to simply earn a living overrides the desire to find a vocation that’s both rewarding and compatible with our traits and abilities. But did you know that the career that’s right for you, could be inherently obvious and staring you right in the face? 

You may already have some of the skills and characteristics needed to succeed in this demanding industry. And that industry is law. More people than ever before are changing their careers and heading to law school, and despite your current lack of qualifications and degrees, you may already have what it takes. 

Here we’ll reveal some fascinating signs that you should become a lawyer. 

You want to make a difference

Are you a people person? Are you always striving to make a difference? A career as a personal injury lawyer, for example, could see you working closely with car accident victims or those who’ve been injured in accidents that could have been avoided – you can find a car accident attorney (located in Tampa) via the link as an example. As an attorney, your role is to achieve the best possible outcome for your client, so whether you’re a personal injury attorney, a divorce lawyer or someone who works with multi-million dollar businesses, making a difference and being there for others is part of your makeup. 

You’re used to standing your ground

If something isn’t right, or you have your own opinions and you’re not prepared to back down then a career as an attorney could be your calling. Your powers of persuasion are just as important here, as you’ll be required to state cases on behalf of clients and carefully use evidence to back up your claims. Standing your ground is an essential skill here!

You’re sociable

A good listener, strong communicator and someone who blends into various social groups regardless of background. If you’re often described as a strong communicator then you may have found your dream career. If you’re able to work within a team as well as independently, play to your own strengths and those of the people in your team, then you could be a valuable legal asset. If you’re considered trustworthy, polite and able to empathize with others then your career could be better suited to law. 

And finally, clear communication comes naturally

Do your colleagues always ask you to represent them, or reach out to your current manager with queries or issues? Are you the person people call upon to draft emails, or are you often given more responsibility with clients because you “know what to say” and can communicate better than your peers? 

As a lawyer, you’re expected to communicate effectively with clients, judges and other lawyers daily, so being able to converse clearly via spoken word, email and letter is an essential skill. Depending on the area of law you choose to practice, you may be required to speak in court and state your case in front of a judge and jurors, therefore natural public speaking abilities is another sign you could be destined to be a lawyer.