makeup-artistFrom retail beauty specialist to beauty adviser to specialist in cosmetology there are numerous options to choose from if you are into it.

From hairstylist to beauty therapist there’s a wide range of career to choose from. Let’s explore some of the options here which might not be real labels right now but you can create one for yourself with the right knowledge and experience:


Natural Beauty Products / Specialist

A growing trend which must be here to stay is in the area of natural beauty products. One of the best ways to get to know more and also network with professionals in this area is to attend seminars and workshops, like the Aveda Institute in downtown San Francisco, which combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to launch your career in the skin care industry.


Anti-aging Solutions Specialist

If you’re already in the medical sector and considering a career change without completely starting from scratch, you can attend specific cosmetic and botox courses to specialise in the area. The beauty industry is a sector that’s as lucrative as it’s ever been, with the emergence of new beauty and anti-aging procedures such as toxin-free wrinkle busters, fat freezing and the everlasting popularity of regular procedures such as botox injections (with over one million treatments now carried out each year to first timers).


Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are in huge demand and if you make it to top rungs there’s earing potentials can match those of a celebrity! Well, almost. A makeup artist may work with models, celebrities or have their own business and can be in demand for fashion shows, theatres or even special events photography. You may begin with a degree from the beauty schools and always a good idea to acquire a license before you begin on the career path.


Here are some tips on cosmetology career: