It’s an obvious fact that you can forge a career in hundreds of different industries. And there are tens of thousands of different jobs you could do. From landscape gardening to stock market trading, there’s something out there for everyone. Jobs in the delivery sector are in the rise, from couriers to increase in drivers who can deliver products in small or big towns is on the rise. Start-ups and big companies alike are in the race to get ahead in the game to get to customer where they are. Increasing convenience for the consumers and thereby increasing jobs in the delivery and courier services.


As you might expect, couriers are responsible for collecting and delivering packages and consignments. So why are more people becoming couriers?


Well, it’s no secret that the economy is growing. We consumers are buying more goods both here and abroad. How do those items reach their final destinations? Yes, you guessed it: a courier collects and delivers them! Even in times of recession, courier jobs are still plentiful.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

When times are tough, the economy still battles on. People still buy the things they need (and want). And companies still need a way of getting goods delivered to customers. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that the shipping industry is recession-proof!


Another advantage of becoming a courier is that you get rewarded well for your efforts. Sure, some couriers might pay lousy salaries to new starters. But, as you take on more responsibilities, you get paid more for your work. There is also plenty of career progression in the shipping industry.


For example, you could become a manager at your local parcel distribution center. You might even wish to become a long-distance semi-truck driver, traveling across the country. Your travels might even take you to extreme corners of the country, such as Northern Alaska!


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities out there for people that become couriers. However, the big question is this: what’s it actually like to be a courier every day?


You have to do a lot of hard work


Many people assume that being a courier is easy. Well, it is if you’re talking about the complexity of your daily tasks. But, it’s hard in that most of your job involves a lot of lifting. Unsurprisingly, one the prerequisites of being a courier is you have a good level of fitness.


Couriers tend to collect and deliver hundreds of packages and consignments each day. They range from envelopes and small boxes to pallets full of heavy goods. All couriers are under pressure to pick up and deliver items to tight deadlines.


You’re busy – but you’ll enjoy the challenges you face each day


Have you ever wondered why most couriers don’t make a lot of small talk when they deliver packages to you? That’s because they’re in a rush to make their next drop or collection! Still, despite those facts, the life of a courier is an interesting and varied one.


For a start, a courier’s “office” is the open road. Aside from having phone contact with local depots, they seldom see their colleagues. If you’re the type of person that hates being micro-managed, you will love being a courier!


Another advantage of being a courier is that you improve your geography skills. All couriers get assigned specific routes or areas. That means they can learn the best shortcuts and ways to avoid traffic during rush hour periods.


You have to be a good driver


Most couriers get issued with vehicles from their employers. That means you could drive a liveried panel van or semi-truck. Because you’re promoting your employer as you drive, you have to drive your vehicle well!
Of course, you should do that anyway. But, when you’re advertising a brand, your bad driving could damage your employer’s reputation. This is especially so if you’re driving a large semi-truck for long distances.

Even though you’ve got deadlines to meet, you must take regular breaks from behind the wheel. Ask any semi-truck accident lawyer and they’ll tell you that fatigue is the top cause of crashes. When you’re behind the wheel of a semi-truck, the consequences could be fatal. That’s why you need to be a good driver at all times.


You need to know how to handle consignments


As you might expect, you could injure yourself if you lift parcels and boxes the wrong way. When you start with a courier company, you will usually get health and safety training. Part of what you learn will include heavy lifting procedures.


If you don’t follow them, you’ll injure yourself. That could mean you are out of action for a few weeks. And, of course, you might risk losing your job at the same time.


Is it worth becoming a courier?


If you enjoy meeting new people and not sitting behind a desk, the answer is yes! Jobs are plentiful with courier companies, even in remote parts of the country. There is also plenty of career progression. You could move towards a management or some kind of senior role.

Believe it or not, some couriers decide to learn how to fly so they can pilot cargo planes for a living!