Due to the increasing pace of technological advancements these days, the gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. Thus, it can be the right industry to be part of. From playing games via mobile and PC to making gaming content, the whole gaming industry has excellent potential for career advancements.

If you’ve already passed your gaming degree online, here are a few career options you can consider from the get-go:


Game Designer

As the video game industry evolves, more online and university-based courses are designed to support careers in the field of video games. One of the flourishing careers in the field is working as a game designer.

A game designer’s task, for instance, is to prepare the elements of the game, such as the characters, plot, and gameplay. They also help to develop the game mechanic and content design.

If you want to become a videogame designer, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or game design. Since most game designers work as a manager in a video game project, you have to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the industry. Also, attention to detail and good writing and communication skills are some of the crucial criteria when working as one.

Lastly, becoming a game designer as a career choice comes with a good salary. So, if you have a background in video gaming design, this job may be the best one for you. Look for a go-to-retarget website that provides you with all the information you need about a variety of creative careers to choose from.


Character Animator

Another career option you can try after passing your gaming degree online is working as a character animator. Character animation involves the creation and designing of characters using animation software, 2D animations, and 3D modeling.

Typically, character animators can create and manipulate characters to tell a story. They also make models, draw storyboards, and design digital environments. Because of the technicalities involved, people working in animation work with sound engineers to ensure the movements of characters are in harmony with the sound effects.

Therefore, if you’ve completed a gaming degree online, becoming a character animator can be a flourishing career for you. You can also work in a variety of companies – advertising agencies, graphic design firms, film and video production studios, and many more.


Game Quality Assurance Tester

Passing a gaming degree means you can work as a game quality assurance tester. Game testers are tasked to test bugs and glitches in all kinds of games. They try a variety of combinations to ensure all aspects of the game functions well.

In addition to a gaming degree, a quality assurance tester should have a little creativity to come up with ways to break a game. You also need to be detail-oriented to ensure you can catch up on little things to complete the job. Plus, good communication skills allow you to relay the steps effectively to recreate the bug.

When choosing a career, knowing all of these qualities can help you determine whether a QA (quality assurance) position in gaming is the right one for you.


Gameplay Programmer

If you’re a graduate of computer engineering, you’ll probably have a thriving career as a gameplay programmer. While engine programmers create systems and technology, the gameplay programmers’ task is to use the technology to make the design into reality.

These gaming professionals develop codebases for video games. They also set graphics, networks, and artificial intelligence.

If you have great communication skills and knowledge about game designs, then it’s time to establish your booming career as a gameplay programmer. After all, working as one can bring in more cash to your pocket.

When building your career as a gameplay programmer, you may need to enroll in universities that provide both online and on-campus gaming degrees. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your game programming course, following the tips for beginning university classes can help you get started.


Audio Engineers

If you’re a gaming degree holder, being an audio engineer is something you can start a career with. Generally, this professional is tasked to program all the necessary sounds in the game, which include dialogue, background music, and sound effects.

By working as an audio engineer, it means you should be creative, articulate, expressive, and persistent. If you have all of these qualities, an audio engineer position may be one of your top career matches.



With the rapid growth of technology, the gaming sector is advancing with the latest digital games. Because of this, more individuals are interested in becoming part of the industry.

Contrary to what most people believe, taking up gaming courses can open a lot of job opportunities for you.

If you see yourself having a thriving career in the gaming industry, the options mentioned above are worth considering.