When we speak, all we’re doing is making various sounds. That’s all words are in their barest bones, just a series of different sounds. It’s amazing to think about complex our voice box is when we consider just how many languages and words there are in the world. Communication is very important or else none of us would exist. It’s not something we think about or talk about in society, but it’s a remarkable achievement of human civilization to be able to function with so many different languages being used. So does someone who loves languages have a relative role to play in the world or are they just considered as people with mind-expanding hobbies? Lots of industries need people are who able to speak different languages and in fact will employ them as part of their strategies to grow. Breaking into different markets that only exist on continents and countries far from their base, it’s important to have someone who can convey the intentions and messages of business and governments.



UN interpreters

The UN was set up to play a pivotal role in the world. Not just to keep the peace but to make peace with different warring nations. Being a UN interpreter is a very highly paid job as you’ll be fetching around $200,000 a year. However, your responsibilities include communicating and convey messages from world leaders to troops. All the UN members lend their armed forces to make sure human rights abuses are not being committed in places where war is strife. Business and trade reports and manifestos must also be translated to the different nations involved. Explaining what one power is trying to achieve in their partnership aims to another power can be a very rewarding position as it means you play a role in creating more jobs.

Business and trade

Although the EU commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker may have taken a pop at the leaving nation of the UK by saying ‘English is a dead language’, those words bear no meaning in the real world. The language of business and trade is still English, and it’s known around the world. There’s a reason why English is respected as the linguistic choice of commerce because the UK and America are huge players in imports and exports. It’s also because the UK may be the mother of modern trade as the maritime shipping trend first took off from its shores. You can learn the English Language at LSBF and start putting it into use in various sectors of the business and trade world. The best and brightest from over 150 nations apply to learn the various courses that the university offers. Such courses as business law, business administration, computing and development systems, management and communications to name a few are on offer.  


A potential new employee that can speak more than one language is always going to be at an advantage to one who doesn’t. There are so many areas in the world where linguists fit in perfectly. Fluent English speakers do particularly well in business internationally.