Leisure and hospitality added 75,000 jobs in June, 2013. Monthly job growth in this industry has averaged 55,000 thus far in 2013, almost twice the average gain of 30,000 per month in 2012. Within leisure and hospitality, employment in food services and drinking places continued to expand, increasing by 52,000 in June.

Source: BLS.gov



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The hotel industry stands unique among other industries. It’s relatively easy to break into and offers many long-term benefits. So what can a hotel career mean for you?


Getting Hired

Unbelievably, in a time of stubbornly high unemployment rates, the hotel industry struggles to fill positions. Qualified employees are lacking, both in the United States and abroad. Tourism steadily increases each year and hotels are expected to fill over a million new jobs throughout the decade. Maids, housekeepers, and front desk clerks show the greatest increase.


Plenty of Entry Level Jobs

The wide variety of entry level jobs is a great career opportunity for anyone looking to get their foot in the door. These include administrative and clerical roles, part-time, full-time, seasonal, etc. Whether you’re looking to build a resume or eventually work your way up to general manager, a hotel is a great place to start. If you enroll in a hotel and restaurant management program, you’ll already have the knowledge to get ahead.


Speaking of Getting Ahead…

Think you’ll be stuck in that entry-level job for years? Think again. Hotels are known for promoting within. Experience coupled with a friendly, positive personality is extremely valuable and will not go unnoticed. It’s not unusual to find that most managers and executives began their careers in entry-level jobs.


Develop Your Skills

Hotels have quite the selection of departments. From management and food preparation to housekeeping and guest services, you’ll have plenty of options. In addition, opportunities abound to learn additional career skills outside your department and make you a better-rounded employee.


Keep Working When You Move

Relocating can be tough, especially without a job waiting for you. If you work for a large hotel corporation and suddenly find yourself with the need to pack up and move, finding a new job shouldn’t be that difficult. Large corporations manage hundreds of hotels across the nation and even overseas. Whether you’re transferring or getting a promotion, job relocation is a distinct possibility.


Your Office Space = Someone’s Vacation Spot

Remember, you’re serving happy vacationers. A work environment of relaxed guests and a welcoming ambiance is sure to rub off. Most people who work in hotels are outgoing, social individuals who enjoy meeting and serving others. You also never know who’s going to walk in. From the quirky and peculiar late night arrivals to the sweet suburban family to perhaps a high profile public figure, no work day will ever be the same. Expect a fun, fast-changing and exciting environment!


Jobs With Perks

Most hotels operate under a larger brand like Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hilton Hotels, and Marriott International. If you work for a larger corporation, you’ll likely receive many job benefits. These can include dental, medical, retirement packages, vacation pay, and more. If you or your family travels on vacation, you can expect employee discounts or even a free stay at corporate-owned or affiliated hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc. Taking a vacation has never been easier!


Here’s an interesting hospitality industry infographic via chefmag.co.za on whether you can make it to a career in the hospitality industry (click to see larger):


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