With automation playing an ever increasing role in our world it is perhaps getting harder to define exactly what a mainstream job will look like in the near future, although some people are ahead of the game on that front, and already have some unusual ways to earn a living.


There are many routes you can take in your goal to make money, such as becoming a student of Timothy Sykes, so here is a look at some of the more unusual occupations for those considering a career outside the cubicle.



Style Food


Love food? Love style? Find out more about food styling! Yes, it’s a real job and many who work as freelancers love doing it day in an out. A food stylist can also be a food photographer, and with all the high profile websites around, the demand is on the rise for food stylist.


Many food stylists have bachelors degree in culinary arts. According to the  Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals make salary in the range of $40,000 – $50,000 and more.


Tough job – but someone has got to do it


Nobody likes having something taken away from them, and some take it worse than others, which is the reason why being a repossession agent can be so financially rewarding.


There is an almost endless stream of work available in this field from a variety of different targets, but there are potential physical dangers and plenty of verbal abuse to contend, which might not bother you when you stop to think of the average $75,000 salary a typical repo agent might earn.


The taste of the sea


You can’t get fresher than cooking meals in the middle of a vast ocean with all the ingredients swimming around you, but the catch is, that you might have to be a cook on a submarine to get that experience.


Anyone who is remotely claustrophobic should definitely not apply for the position as a submarine chef, but if you fancy earning your living down under in both senses, working in Australia and working down near the sea bed, then this might be the job for you.


The fact that a senior submarine chef can earn about $200,000 a year, gives you a big clue as to how challenging but rewarding this unusual job can be.


Good enough to eat


If you like eating gourmet food and fancy the idea of taste-testing it for a living, a dog food taster might not be quite what you are looking for.

If you don’t mind tasting what comes out of a can and seeing if it tastes good enough for your pooch to eat, a dog food taster’s job could fit the bill, if you are prepared to be the human guinea pig for our canine friends, especially when you consider that some people are earning up to $115,000 a year for checking out what is going to end up in a bowl on the floor.


Some of these jobs require a bit of explaining at a party when someone asks how you make a living, so if you are worried about that, don’t apply for the position recently advertised of cow fart smeller, which apparently does at least offer you $50,000 to offend your nostrils on a regular basis.