The way we can earn a living has evolved in recent times and with more people becoming self-employed and the growth of the so-called gig economy, you could create a whole range of different income streams without needing any particular experience.

Here is a look at some jobs you can hit the ground running with, including an overview of how multitasking and flexible hours can help you boost your income, why your choice of wheels could make a difference, plus a job that pays well and helps your community.


Have license will travel


The internet has increased demand for delivery drivers as national and local companies are almost constantly hiring workers who have their own vehicle, a clean driving license, and are willing to take on some flexible shifts that help them meet demand.

You will often find that these companies will offer a lot of scheduling flexibility which is a great thing as it gives you options to run more than one job and build a portfolio of different revenue streams.


Max your income options with the right vehicle


The type of vehicle you have can also make a difference to how much you can earn and if you choose wisely, it could open up a range of possible earning opportunities.

If you drive a Ram 3500, for example, you could be doing maintenance and repair work, plus you have a vehicle big enough to carry all the equipment you need and even offer a local garbage removal service or a range of different services where what you drive gives you the chance to offer a wide range of services.


A new way to look at taxi driving


The traditional taxi driver role would normally involve you paying to lease your cab from the company you are working for and work a certain amount of set hours.

That is no longer the only option if you want to do taxi work, which doesn’t require any previous experience, just a willingness to work and a good customer service approach.

If you like the idea of setting your own hours and working for yourself using your own car, you can sign up to become a driver for companies like Uber and Lyft.


Helping your community


If you want a job that helps serve you local community and you can do part-time around other work commitments, becoming a school bus driver would fit the bill.

You will need to have a clean driving license and no criminal record. In return, you could earn a reasonable salary for working two short shifts each day, collecting and returning kids from school.

Previous experience is not normally required for this position so you could soon be starting to add this type of job to your portfolio and do other work around the position if you wanted to maximize your income.


Having a couple of jobs is the new normal and your relationship with your vehicle has also changed as it can be viewed as a tool that allows you to earn an income from without needing any previous experience or training to get you started.