ressearchAs you student you might be looking for some ways to earn while you learn. There are many jobs that you can try out during summer and in your free time, but for some writing comes naturally. For those with the gift to weave words into amazing content pieces, there are always some careers that can enhance your portfolio and earn you some serious dough as you complete your studies.

As a freelance writer, you must work to build your portfolio. Your clients will trust you more the more they see you online – your writing to be precise.

Many students prefer freelance writing opportunities since the money can be good, hours are flexible and you can work from anywhere! Well, such a career anyone would prefer. But money wont come in that easy if you can’t show that you’re worth it. Here are some ideas on writing careers that you can pursue now to build a strong portfolio:


OneOnline Content Writing

This is the most common form of writing – you’ve everything from blogs, articles, short descriptions of the product, e-commerce product descriptions, social media writing and even website content.


twoCopywriting or Ghostwriting

Copywriters can work with agencies or directly with clients. Be part of online forums and websites where clients look for freelancers. If you have done copywriting for some clients, do ask them for references for clients and also ask them to recommend your services online or on request if they have been happy with your work. What’s really important here is to do some great quality writing for a few and your work will go far. Never compromise on quality because a few bad reviews can take you down fast.

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threeSEO Content

High in demand in the recent years, most companies are involved in improving their online presence and need SEO experts. SEO is not a one time development and needs writers who can develop high quality content time and time again.  You just have to know the industry that interests you and have knowledge about their products and services. You can get loads of writing offers if you can show and tell how you can build on SEO for the company’s online presence.



Content with graphical representation is certainly the best way to create engagement. The demand for infographics is huge and lots of projects are getting assigned to freelancers. If you have the knack for design and content, you can build a career around digital design and building infographics. There are various online tools for building infographics which are pretty much DIY and easy to learn. Give it a try and  build a portfolio that you can showcase in your resume in a few years.


Press Release or Media Articles

Freelancers often get to write press releases for different companies and their promotional events. You can work with a PR agency or just reach out to start-ups and other small businesses looking for freelancers to write press releases for them. Network to know the demand.


Take a look at how you can do more by networking properly. For instance, here are a few tips.
– Explore different platforms on the internet for the websites which offers the work on writing.
– Reach out to clients through LinkedIn.
– Analyze the projects well along with the pay and get going with the work
– Take a look at whom you’re working for. Try to work directly with companies to ensure you’re paid better

Content still rules!

If you get a pro at writing then writing for your college exams should not be a problem at all, but in case you need help there are always some sites where you can buy quality papers online.