A large majority of today’s jobs involve working inside. If you aren’t stuck in an office all day, then you could be working in a factory’s production line or behind a counter in a coffee shop. For people who love the outdoors, being inside day in and day out can be like a living nightmare. Just the thought of the whole world outside the window, while you’re inside unable to see any of it, is enough to drive you crazy. But if being outside is your thing, then there are plenty of careers that could be more suited to you. Although most jobs will need you to spend at least some time inside, there are many that rarely need you to come in from the great outdoors.

Landscape Gardener

Creative people with a head for planning and organization could really enjoy being a landscape gardener. If you have a love of nature and are interested in learning about horticulture, landscape gardening is a job where you can apply your knowledge and passion. You could be working on gardens in people’s homes or gardens for commercial spaces. Your job might even involve gardening for more unusual spaces, like rooftops or inside shopping centers. Landscaping and tree maintenance expert Austin services recommend to consult with tree service professionals when trimming, pruning, or removing a tree that is close to your house or near power lines.

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Fitness Trainer

You might think of fitness trainers as largely working in gyms, but many trainers spend a great deal of time outside. Fitness boot camps are very popular and are often run on beaches or in parks. You could also be taking a yoga class or Tai Chi, or just taking a group for a run. Even if you take individual clients, you can work with them outside. This career will help you to stay fit too, and you can work for yourself instead of working for others. If you’re self-employed you’ll need to make sure you have fitness trainer insurance, both for you and the people you coach.

Walking Guideoutdoor-career

If you love to walk and hike, there could be opportunities for you all over the world. Many travel companies hire walking guides or leaders to take their customers on guided walks. Your job is to maintain the safety of your group and to help them enjoy their walk. You should have walking and navigation skills and know your walking routes well. Your responsibility is to the people you’re guiding at all times, so it also helps if you enjoy being with others. If you prefer solitary walking, being a guide isn’t for you.

Park Ranger

Park rangers spend their days patrolling state or national parks. Duties range from helping to enforce the regulations of the park to monitoring the behavior of visitors. Tasks during a working day can vary widely, with anything from cleaning up litter to arranging parking permits on the list. You might walk around or drive through the park, depending on how far you need to go on particular days. Some parks might need you to watch out for forest fires or monitor the safety of the park and its visitors and wildlife in other ways.