Studying abroad can be a lot of fun, but it’s much more than that. Studying abroad can have a positive impact on your career. Not only can it support your chances of getting a job stateside, it may open your eyes to all the career possibilities that exist outside the United States.

In addition, it isn’t uncommon for students to immerse themselves in a culture that they fall in love with, which can make going back home hard.

If you’re ready to graduate, but you aren’t quite ready to move back home yet, you can extend your study abroad experience by working abroad instead. The question is, which careers are a good choice for students who are making the transition from college to career?

English Teacher

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find a job abroad is to become an English teacher. Many areas around the world will hire qualified candidates, but they especially like to hire candidates who have experience living and studying abroad.

Becoming an English teacher is a no-brainer for those in education, but it can be a good option for those who don’t have a clear career path yet, or those who are waiting for an opportunity that aligns with their goals. That’s because many countries are happy to accept native English speaking teachers, even if their degree or experience isn’t necessarily in teaching.

You may not have to know the language either. That’s because some programs are designed to be completely immersive. Just make sure you look at the details of each job before you apply so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Being an English teach comes with many benefits, one of which includes working with people in other cultures, which looks good on any resume.


Advising, Counseling, and Other Educational Positions

The world of education abroad goes far beyond being an English teacher. There are many educational opportunities, which includes opportunities like:

  • Advisors and counselors in study abroad programs
  • Overseas resident directors
  • Program coordinators
  • Foreign language department positions

Other popular positions in this space include advocacy. For example, you can build an child advocacy career in Africa or become a patient advocate in Asia.


Government Jobs

Many people look for government positions because they come with many benefits you will be hard pressed to find in other sectors. Benefits can include a pension, retirement savings plans, health insurance, and competitive pay.

There are many government jobs stateside, but they also offer many opportunities for those who want to live overseas, all with the same benefits that stateside employees enjoy.

There are jobs in a wide range of areas as well, which makes living abroad an option for people pursuing careers that don’t traditionally work well with living overseas. You can find jobs in business, accounting, administration, technology, and many more.

Teaching is a great option here as well. Qualified teachers can teach on a military base, which for some, can be the perfect combination of familiarity from back home and the novelty of living in another country.


Non-Governmental Organizations

Some non-government organizations function overseas as well. One example is the United Nations, but they aren’t the only ones. You can also look for positions with organizations like UNICEF and Habitat for Humanity.

Looking for a position with these kinds of organizations is perfect for people who are interested in human rights, environmental, or developmental work. Obtaining a position with one of these organizations can be extremely rewarding because it can give you the feeling of contributing to the greater good of society.


Service Jobs

When in doubt, a service job is always an option! It can help you get by until you find a more stable career, but there are plenty of service jobs that are available that can turn into a career. Consider becoming a tour guide or acting as an au pair for a family in another country.

Can’t seem to settle on a job or a career? Consider volunteering or interning abroad while you work in a store or a restaurant. You can gain experience and spend more time discovering exactly what it is you want to do full-time.

Just because you are done studying abroad doesn’t mean your chance to live abroad has come and gone! After you graduate, there’s a wide world of job opportunities out there that will enable you to live and work in a country that’s far away from home.