It is a simple equation of supply and demand. The demand is high, but the supply is in, well short supply. That is the equation when it comes to these obscure jobs. Forget the office workers and secretaries, or the plumbers and the joiners; this bunch makes them look positively pedestrian! They are that obscure that you probably never even knew that they exist, and once you hear how much they get paid you will wonder why.


Here are a few of the jobs that you should be well aware of, especially if you are thinking of a change of career.


Golf Ball Divers


Do you ever wonder what happens to all the golf balls that get lost in creeks and lakes on courses throughout the world? Well, wonder no more because golf course hires divers to go and retrieve them. Yes, you might think that Nike and Callaway have that much money they could just make some more, but apparently they invest time and money into their golf balls and want them back.


It isn’t as easy as it sounds, however. Golf ball divers make up to $100,000 a year because of the danger of alligators and snapping turtles.


Urine Farming


Urine farming is a thing, and you need the stomach for it. Apparently, urine is a massive part of the deer industry, and that industry is worth around $44 million a year. Hunters don’t have the time and energy to bag that specimen buck so they will try whatever gimmick possible.


At $4 a bottle the scent of a deer’s urine is big business, but get ready to get your hands dirty!


Battery Providers


The world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, and providing a target of energy to power the technological revolution is very lucrative indeed. Therefore, battery providers have stepped in and made a lot of money in the process.


They don’t just deal with batteries, they also deal with cellular phone, digital cameras, and laptops and pretty much anything that is electrical. Even though they might have gone unnoticed for a while, they are increasingly popular in the modern day. No one can afford to let the lights go out that is for sure, so new and exciting technology is popping up everywhere on the battery front.

Have you ever tried a Lithonia battery?


Furniture Testers


Machines just cannot give the vital feedback that humans can when it comes to comfort, so the furniture industry needs testers for that personal touch. Furniture testing is what it says on the tin, so testers get rewarded with around about a $31,000 salary a year for literally sitting on their backsides!


Professional Snugglers


It is a lot more controversial than it might seem. Professional snugglers are said to be a form of prostitution, but it is far more innocent than that. There is no sex involved, just a good cuddle when you need one.


They don’t come much more obscure than these, but they are incredible careers to get into if you ever get the chance.