We have all hit that point, where we don’t want to get out of bed and not go to work because we just don’t care anymore. The reason so many of us don’t like our job is, very simply, because we didn’t really delve deeper when deciding on our career choices. The closer your career is to your purpose or passion the more you’ll love what you do and be motivated to work harder. If people don’t care enough about their job, then they can’t be expected to work any harder. It’s a common trait now, where people are changing careers at the midpoint of their lives, and it’s because they are looking for a new challenge.

You don’t have to give in to the regular slump of boredom because you aren’t being challenged at work. And if you are that person who is looking for something that will challenge you in every aspect, mentally, physically, or emotionally, then have a look at these career ideas.

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As far as a challenge is concerned, working for the medical industry is one of the biggest challenges you can face on a personal level. Working as a paramedic as the first line of response to an emergency means you need to be focused, calm, and keep your emotions in check. You will be faced with life or death situations on a regular basis, and so you need to get a handle on how you face these types of situations. You can work for air evac services, where you would be going into an emergency situation from the air, and possibly into a life-threatening situation for you and your colleagues. As a result, you will be challenged in every single way, and people’s lives are depending on you.


Army Cadet

The Army are always looking for new cadets, and as a stable career choice, it is a very good option. The basic training will push you to your limits on a physical and mental level, and you will discover what you are really capable of. Once you graduate from basic training, you can develop a career in a certain area, such as intelligence. The hours are long, and you will spend a long time away from your family, but if you are looking for something that pushes your limits, this will be the thing you need.


Police Officer

Another career that is designed to test your limits is in the police force. As crime rates are rising everywhere, there is a big demand for police officers. And there is actually a demand for more mature recruits nowadays because of the demand for more varied skills and life experience. A police officer is intelligent, retargetful, calm, and will react methodically in a stressful situation. As an option to implement physical and mental toughness skills but still go home at the end of the day, this is a good option. It can consist of long days on patrol, or if there is a situation as extreme as a terrorist threat, additional officers from all over the country or state can be called upon, meaning that you may take fewer vacations. But it’s handsomely paid and a lifetime career choice for someone who really wants to help their community.