Did you know that the U.S. economy gained 4.8 million jobs in June, which helped to lower the unemployment rate to 11.1%?

Successfully getting an interview for a new job all comes down to your resume and cover letter, which is why so many rely on experts to help them nail this process.

Looking for a career where you can help other people succeed? Then keep reading our guide on how to become a professional resume and cover letter writer.

What Is a Resume Writer?

Job seekers can look online and copy resume templates when creating a resume. But when it comes to resumes that stand out and get candidates interviews and jobs, there are certain things that you need. That’s where a resume writer can help.

A professional executive resume writer is someone who creates and/or revises resumes for those seeking employment opportunities. Using their knowledge of business and recruitment, alongside their writing skills, a resume writer is able to create a document which highlights the candidate’s skills, experience, and achievements.

Resume writers ensure that all the relevant information of the candidate is included and that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. They also make sure that the document is engaging and grabs the attention of the person reading it.

Most professional resume writers are self-employed and work on a freelance basis. If you’re thinking of becoming a writer and want to help people then you might want to consider resume writing. Some people worry that freelance roles mean less secure work, but there are plenty of freelance resume writer jobs out there and people looking for help.

How to Become a Resume Writer

There are a number of ways you can become a resume and cover letter writer.

Some people choose to study English at college and then gain experience writing resumes. While other people might choose to skip gaining a bachelor’s degree and instead gain resume writing qualifications. There’s no right or wrong answer, it just depends on how you want to learn your career. However, a passion for career counseling or coaching goes a long way in making a mark in this career. You are not a copywriter but an advisor as well on how well to represent the professional prowess of an individual on a paper. It is recommended that you look up some certifications on career coaching if you are serious on taking a full-time career as a resume writer.

Studying at College

You might decide that gaining a bachelor’s degree in a field relating to resume writing is the right thing for you. If this is how you want to become a resume writer then you might want to study either:

  • English
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Or Business

These degrees are most relevant for resume writers because they help you gain the writing skills or business knowledge you need.

If you’re thinking of specializing in a specific resume field then you might want to think about studying those subjects. For example, if you want to help healthcare job seekers then you could choose to study healthcare. This will help you expand your knowledge of the industry.

Whichever degree you choose, you need to make sure that during your studies you’re expanding your skills and knowledge. For example, you could find an internship or do a year placement in business or human retargets.

To further your skills, you might also decide to attend workshops in your area. This might include workshops that your college runs or that local organizations run about how to write a proper resume.

Getting Qualifications

If you decide that going to college isn’t right for you then you might choose to gain relevant qualifications instead.

The National Resume Writers’ Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers offer certifications for resume writing. There are also other courses and certificates that you can get, such as the Career Directors Resume Mastery Course.

All courses and certifications involve training and examinations. The courses all vary in cost and models/training. Upon successful completion of the courses, you’ll be presented with a certificate that proves your knowledge and skillset.

If you choose to gain your qualification through the Professional Association of Resume Writers then you can also choose to be added to their database. This database is filled with qualified resume writers, which allows you to connect with other professionals in your field.

For those looking to specialize in a specific resume writing area, there also might be a course for you. For example, Career Pro Plus offers a resume writing program for job seekers who want to join the military. This course is ideal for resume writers who want to learn more about how military job seekers can successfully apply.

Gaining Experience

Alongside gaining a college degree and/or relevant qualifications, you also need to gain experience. Gaining experience may seem difficult at first, but there are a number of ways you can do it.

One way to gain resume writing experience is by offering your services to friends, family, and colleagues you’ve previously worked with. This might either be for free (to help you build your portfolio) or you could charge them. Building a portfolio and asking them for testimonials will help you show other clients that you know what you’re doing and that they should work with you.

Another way to gain experience might be through internships. Some companies might offer work experience that pays while others might be unpaid, but either way, it’s a good way to build up your experience.

Another way to gain experience is by working in a career center or in an HR department. This will help you gain insight into employment and be the perfect opportunity for you to help candidates and improve their resumes.

Become a Resume and Cover Letter Writer Today

Resume writing is a rewarding career that many people enjoy. Have a read of our guide and implement our tips if you want to become a resume and cover letter writer.

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