There is a growing field that has been gaining a lot of traction among people looking for a long lasting career. That career field of choice is of course the healthcare industry. We know, when that was said your first thought was,”I’m not about to go through 8+ years of schooling to work in the healthcare field.” The good news is that you don’t have to go through all that schooling to work in healthcare. There are more jobs than simply doctors and nurses that work in healthcare, and most of the jobs are extremely accessible for anyone.

Jobs like pharmacy technicians, medical billing and coding specialists, and Medical Administrative Assistants, are all job markets looking for people to work. Not only are they looking for people to work these jobs, degrees in these fields can be completed in just 18 months.

The one we’re going to focus on is medical administrative assistants, as these jobs are becoming more and more important with the increase of the healthcare field as a whole.

What’s interesting about the medical admin assistant area’s growth?

The medical administrative assistant field is growing rapidly. With a 19% projected growth rate by 2029, this is a job market that is expanding at a rate far more rapid that most jobs on average. With such rapid growth, the possibility of landing a job gets far more realistic, especially if you have the right training.

The rapidly growing job market is reflective of the job itself, and it’s growing interest among people looking for a lasting career for themselves. They are getting involved in a crucial backbone of the healthcare industry, and a job with a skillset that is crucial to any healthcare facility.

The other major factor driving the job market growth is that you can take medical administrative assistant classes online to complete your certification. These days that is especially important during the times of COVID-19. On the downswing of a pandemic is the perfect time to get started on your education and new career path. The best part of the growth in this field is it was already growing before the pandemic, and is projected to through 2029.

How to get your medical administrative assistant degree

You will have to complete a medical administrative assistant degree program to obtain your degree. During this time you will learn the main function of your job, and you’ll learn what it takes to adapt to your future workplace’s systems and procedures effectively.

There are three main components of your job as a medical administrative assistant, and they are a core part of a healthcare facilities flow. They are communication skills, computer skills, medical terminology.

Communication Skills

Communication is everything when it comes to flow in a healthcare setting. Being able to clearly and effectively communicate with your peers is essential. You need to be able to understand, transcribe, and interpret language constantly in the medical field, especially when emergencies are afoot. This is true for both writing and speaking.

Computer Skills

Another main focus of your job will be maintaining internal databases. This is normally done in a spreadsheet, internal system, or a patient scheduling apps. You will need a basic functional understanding of computers, how they work, and how these systems work within the healthcare system.

Medical Terminology

Obviously, working in a medical environment, you will need to know basic medical terminology, so you can properly function in your administrative role in the healthcare field. You will need this terminology to help you to schedule, properly bill, organize, and file for insurance claims.

Landing your future jobs starts by preparing now

Putting your time and effort into your future should be rewarded, and that can all start with picking where you want to go. If you are looking for a great career with a lot of growth potential in the future, you should really look into the medical field for jobs. The degrees and diplomas it takes to work in these fields are obtainable for so many people, and the jobs and functions of our healthcare system are only increasing.

Your future could be just around the corner, and all you have to do is take a look and take a leap for yourself. There are amazing job opportunities out there on the market today, but you just have to know where to find them.

Does a job in the healthcare industry interest you? Have you wondered what other fields are readily growing in today’s and tomorrow’s job markets? Let us know in the comments below.