Many people have a skill that they may not be able to translate into a paying job. However, there is a way to make the most of that skill, earn money, and help others. By becoming an online tutor, you can work from home and embrace your earning potential. In this article, we will explain how to make money as an online tutor.

Before getting started, it’s worth discussing two important points. Firstly, working as a tutor online can definitely replace your job, and there are some who you can believe when they say they make $100,000 tutoring from home. However, keep your goals realistic and you can either replace your full-time job, grow your savings by choosing the best online high-yield savings accounts or make some extra money to supplement your income.

Can I Make Money as An Online Tutor?

The simple answer is yes, you can. If you have a skill that can be taught to someone else, it’s easy and free to become a tutor. Importantly, you don’t necessarily need to be qualified in what your teaching. For example, if you’re a wizard on guitar, you can tutor people online without any formal credentials.

Of course, to make money you need to find students. This is where online tutoring can be helpful. Social media and dedicated tutoring platforms can help you connect with people who want to learn. Thanks to the internet, your potential classroom is the whole world.

If you have a skill, such as a second language, online tutoring may be for you. As you take more students, your reputation will grow, and you can attract more people. That said, there are some core skills you should possess to become a great tutor:

  • Patience
  • Deep expertise in your subject
  • Interact well with people
  • Access to a communication platform like Skype
  • Good communication skills
  • Reliable internet performance

Benefits of Becoming an Online Tutor

Perhaps the biggest benefit of becoming an online tutor is that you can work from home and mostly to your own schedule. Working online provides you with freedom and flexibility, something most 9-to-5 workers desire. Furthermore, if you’re willing to put the work in you can get this lifestyle and replace your income with a full-time salary.

Perhaps you are already home as a parent and want something to pass the hours. Online tutoring is a perfect way to do that while earning some money.

Flexibility is hugely important, and you can choose when you want to work. Sure, you may need to compromise sometimes to meet the needs of your students. Still, online tutoring allows you to take complete control over your career.

How Much Money Can I Make as An Online Tutor?

This is the big question. As mentioned, you should ignore online posts that claim you can make $10,000 (or more) dollars each week. While there may be some situation where this is possible, for most tutors, earning a realistic salary is the goal.

Needless to say, what is a realistic salary for you will depend on your personal circumstances and what you expect from your tutoring career. If you want to move into tutoring full-time, you should assess whether you can successfully do it and match your current salary. It’s also worth remembering that it will take time to reach the level of a full-time salary.

A good starting point for an online tutor is around $25 per hours, but this can change depending on the skill you are teaching. For the ‘tougher’ subjects like Physics and Math, people are willing to pay even $100 per hour. It all depends on how proficient you are at your work and how well you can market yourself.

How to Advertise your Services

You’re ready to get started? Great! The next step is to effectively advertise your services so more people know about you and what you have to offer. One of the best places to get started is locally. And in the present times, online. Subscribe to your local Nextdoor or Facebook groups, and post your can help you reach out to large number of potential clients. Word of mouth is the best way to grow your business, if you have had a few clients who had been happy with your tutoring, ask them for testimonials that you can then share online on your portfolio or highlight them in your local advertising.


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