As a notary public, you will have to cater your job to a whole variety of different job industries. It’s important to have the largest possible target audience for your business to be successful; the more markets that you present yourself in, the more clients you are going to have come to you for a notary service.

If you want to become a Notary, the National Notary Association has the guidance and expertise you need.

The most popular industries for notary public today resides in Law, Government, and Real Estate contracts, however, there are many more available.


Different Industries

  • Law
    Attorneys practicing all fields of law, especially property & criminal law will often need to use a notary service. Notaries will often have to sign affidavits and agreements signed by a defendant (or victim).
  • Government
    Local, State, and Federal governments are one of the most popular sectors for notaries. Government contracts between other agencies, contractors, and businesses are being signed daily, and most of them need to be notarized. Often times, government officials like tax collectors have to sign a contract that they will legally do their job, as they are largely unsupervised and unregulated. As a notary yourself, you might be asked to sign such an agreement.
  • Real Estate
    Most real estate signings and closings are signed contracts between two parties, and a notary helps verify the legality of the contract. Furthermore, any time a client needs a home repaired, a contract is signed between the client and the repair agency, with the use of a notary.
  • Health
    Hospitals often require their patients to get signed agreements notarized. This verifies a legal witness to the contract, often being that the patient promises to pay the hospital the full cost of a procedure or medication. Notaries may also be needed for documents such as advanced directives, DNR’s, etc.
  • Home Repair
    Electricians, plumbers, roofers, and other general contracts most often hired for a home or business repair job get a surety bond between the two parties notarized. As contractors are often unknown, and their job cannot be accurately measured without time, a notarized surety bond protects both parties from misleading promises.
  • Insurance
    Insurance companies, for their own protection, will almost always require a customer to get a form notarized. Whether it’s a statement declaring truthful personal information, or a new policy, an insurance company wants to have a witness to important signings.
  • Justice System
    While closely related to law, the Justice System is the branch that specifically carries out sentences, such as probation, drug court, community service, or jail time. As a condition of the sentence, they will most often have to sign a sworn statement, which will then have to be notarized. The courts recognize a notary seal on a paper as a legal and authentic agreement.


Notaries have many different industries to supply their services towards. By taking advantage of all of the different possible clients, you could make a great and useful career out of being a mobile notary. It’s vital to spread your name around different businesses and contractors, as they will often provide you with long-term regular clients, which are a key to a successful notary career.