Jobs in the securities, commodities and financial services in the US are expected to grow by 4% in the period 2018-2028, which is faster than average. Currently, the financial and insurance services employ over 6.3 million people in America. Those in a banking or investment career deal with bonds, savings, CDs, and other forms of financial transactions. Monitoring their movement, buying new assets, or selling can be exciting to many, if that’s what you would like to pursue as a career, then read on.

Careers In The Financial Sector

From tellers and customer representatives to bank managers and financial advisors, there is a variety of jobs for someone interested in the sector. If aiming to become an investment banker, you must possess the minimum educational qualification, such as a bachelor’s degree, to land an entry level analyst position. It’s also possible to move up the ranks even without an extra degree or master’s. However, the prospects of career advancement are quicker if you have a Master’s or extra training.

In addition to your bachelor’s degree, you must possess certain skills that are useful in the banking sector. If you’re going to handle stocks, bonds and other types of portfolio, you’ll need at least an Introduction to ETFs so that you can manage the right mix of investments that you will likely handle. Remember, it is also useful to go back to your books in college just to refresh your knowledge. Communication and teamwork skills are also very valuable.

Private Consultancies And Fund Management

For those who don’t want to be tied to a regular 9 to 5 job, going into consultancies is a rewarding option. When you’re freelancing, you are not bound by clocks and time cards to keep track of your hours. You only bill for the hours you worked and nothing more.

If you are handling a mix of assets and funds for a couple of clients, you’ll have enough on your plate. As an asset or fund manager, you will have to go through the complex regulations and controls to comply with the laws. Your main aim is earn as much money for your client and lose the least.

The prospects for a career in the investment or banking sector are positive. The sector offers different types of jobs that are exciting and well-paid. If you’re thinking of making a career switch, now is probably a good time to do it.