The public health field continues to grow and more and more people are starting to choose a career in this field because of the benefits it offers and its rapid growth.
Public health care workers have many duties and responsibilities. One of these is that they help solve and monitor public health outbreaks. They also perform research to eradicate health hazards affecting the community. Aside from that, they educate the public regarding health issues and empower them to help prevent the spread of the diseases.
Careers that fall under the auspices of public health include project manager, epidemiologist, biostatistician, engineer, environmental scientist, health educator, patient advocate, community health workers, public health officers, and so on. When it comes to salary, the pay for public health care workers may vary depending on where they work and their current job position.

There are countless reasons that make pursuing a public health career worth it. If you are one of those who want to pursue a public health career, you may do so in various ways and these include the following:

A Bachelor’s Degree Related To Public Health Is Required

If you want to be a public health care worker, you need at least a bachelor’s degree related to public health. Your bachelor’s degree will help you learn the methods and theories of health education and health behavior while enabling you to gain skills and knowledge to develop health education programs and materials.
Other public health care worker positions require a doctoral or a master’s degree. Oftentimes, graduate programs are available in public health education or community health education.

Undergo Training

Typically, public health care workers have to complete on-the-job training, which frequently covers the core competencies in the field. These include outreach or communication skills, and information regarding particular health topics that they’ll be focusing on. For instance, public health care workers who deal with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease must learn ways to communicate with patients with dementia effectively.

Gain Work Experience

Although it is not required for an entry-level public health care worker job, you will need to gain work experience if you want to take a doctoral program. Those who want a doctoral degree must have relevant work experience as it is beneficial to gain more knowledge about the field. Just make sure to pick work experience that aligns with your career goals. For instance, somebody who likes to work in the field of epidemiology must find work experience that includes research and fieldwork in this area.

Obtain Certification and License

Those who are interested to be a public health care worker must obtain license or certification in their chosen specialization. The certification programs available in the public health field are for everyone pursuing jobs related to health communication education, preparedness in emergencies and disasters, and health management and policies.

Certification programs are conducive to people interested in working in an administrative or management capacity. They may also get training in health regulations, law, policymaking, andfinance. Another important skill in most public health certification programs is grant writing and it also involves learning the sociology behind the behavior and perception of people during disasters.
Other employers require a license sometimes. But, most of them accept certifications and training programs depending on the requirements of a health organization or institution for a public health care job position.

Important Qualities You Should Have

If you want to be a successful public health care worker, you must have the following important

  •  Interpersonal Skills – Public health care workers interact with a lot of people from
    different backgrounds. They should be culturally sensitive and good listeners to respond
    to the requirements of every individual they serve.
  • Writing Skills – Public health care workers write materials to convey any health-related
    information. They also have to write proposals to apply for funding and develop
  • Problem-Solving Skills – Public health care workers should think creatively on how to
    boost the health of the community via health education programs. Aside from that, they
    may have to solve problems, which arise in planning programs like changes to their
    resistance or budget from the community they’re serving.
  • Instructional Skills – Public health care workers must be comfortable when it comes to
    public speaking so they can teach classes, lead programs, and facilitate discussion with
    families and clients.
  • Analytical Skills – Public health care workers analyze and collect data to assess
    programs and to determine people’s needs.


The field of public health offers a lot of opportunities for those who want to pursue a medical career like being a public health care worker. If you are someone who wants to help others and enjoy great pay benefits, you can never go wrong to be a public health care worker. All you have to do is to look for the perfect opportunity for you and always aim to further your education.