Choosing a suitable university for yourself to study medicine in is very important. The journey of becoming a doctor is long, intense and requires full dedication. Hence, you must make the experience worthwhile. It is important that you study medicine in a university and city that you will enjoy being in. You will be studying and living there for 6 years so there has to be some element of enjoyability so you can relax and de-stress whether by playing sports, enjoying the scenery or doing fun activities around the city with your friends. This article offers some insight into a few options in Europe that can be considered if you want to consider enjoying a different culture while studying for medicine.

There are many universities all over the world that are renowned for their medicine courses, medical teaching, medical research and student life.


Universities in Bulgaria offer affordable medical and dentistry courses in English that are 6 years long. Tuition fees range between €7000-8000 per year. The top university for medical training is Varna Medical University as it is popular among European students, especially British and German Students. Medical and dental students will be taught by top professors with modern retargets and up to date hospitals. Varna city offers a lively student life on the beach with an abundance of night clubs.


Bialystok Medical University is voted the best university in Poland for international students. The medical training offered is on a beautiful and vast campus that is filled with modern equipment and highly skilled professors. The tuition for the medical course is around €10,000 per year. The university specialises in providing the best medical education in Poland, after 6 years students graduate as an MD, just like all the universities do in Europe.


Slovakia is fast becoming a popular destination for medical studies in Europe. Pavol Jozef Medical University in Kosice has been rapidly becoming more desirable every year and is now known as the best university in Slovakia. The university is known for its high standard of teaching, world class research and high student satisfaction. Kosice is a lovey city with plenty to do, there’s something for everyone. Tuition fees in Kosice Medical University are around €12,000 per year. Kosice offers enthusiastic students the opportunity to get involved in medical research and if the student has potential they are also allowed to teach the younger years.


Other countries where students can study medicine in English are Romania, Cyprus, Ukraine, Hungary, with more costly universities in United Kingdom, United States and Australia.