The business or investment sector, specifically the financial sector, is one of the best places to have a fulfilling and well-paying career. Here, you have opportunities for growth and for a job that’s going give you a robust income target. Hence, the undeniable fact that many people are now planning the next career move or looking to enter the financial sector.

There are endless opportunities to choose from and the sector is widely regarded as one of the most exciting, but also one of the most competitive. The popularity of a career in the industry continues to grow, with more and more applications being made from around the world. So, this also means that when you’re trying to apply for a job in this industry, you’re going to be facing a lot of competition.

The good news is that in the investment and finance industry, there are also numerous career options for you to choose from. Hence, you’ve got a high likelihood of landing a job that’s going to suit you the best. Despite the fact that the business sector is a highly competitive one, you don’t have to feel overly pressured when the job that you’re doing is one that you truly love.

But what are the different career options when it comes to investment and finance? Here we cover a select list of some of the most popular options to choose from.

Financial Analyst

There are so many options available for financial and business analysts, who work at different institutions such as banks, investment markets, stocks, bonds, and hedge funds. They help with the different policy-making strategies for their employers, based on the different findings and facts. This is a very popular career, which is why it remains as competitive as ever. It can also be a well-paid role, which is why you should look to have strong knowledge of the different financial trends prior to looking to start a career.

When you say you wish to work as a financial analyst, you could be working for private individuals or the government. With any business analyst career, your client is one that’s in the business sector.

Portfolio Management

As its name implies, your job is to manage or handle the investment accounts of your client. In fact, this is one of the most prestigious jobs in this industry. The only caveat here, however, is that you may still need to have a few years worth of experience before you land this job.

In portfolio management, it’s your job to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of assets, such as stocks, equities, or fixed income.

Forex Trading

Forex trading and trading, in general, is a form of investment that is becoming more and more popular as a career. Some careers in this area are at an individual level of self-employment and are spearheaded by the array of forex trading guides being offered, in order to get some concise knowledge on how it all works. For those more experienced in the industry, full-time employment with venture capitalist businesses may seem a more viable option.


Another very popular and highly-skilled role is an Accountant, which is a role and career that remains as popular and in demand as ever. If you’re looking for a job in the banking sector, working as an accountant is also a good place to start. They cover the financial affairs for businesses and individuals, such as balancing the books, preparing the different financial statements and making sure their clients are keeping to all rule changes and different legislation. Research has shown that there is going to be an increased need for accountants moving forward, so this is set to remain a popular career choice for many.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the highest-paid roles on offer in the sector. But, this also results in it being a highly competitive role, so requires a lot of training and knowledge prior to starting a career. The role covers advising different employers on their different financial matters, and help with buying and selling the different assets on the market, in order to raise extra money. The key to the role is always making a profitable return, so markets must always be traded on carefully and followed rigorously. The role requires a solid standard when it comes to maths and numeracy skills on a whole, so this should be considered, before looking to start a career in the field.


Insurance is another role in the sector that covers financial transactions and is an industry that is busy and competitive as ever, with the current climate. The UK market, for example, is one of the biggest in the world, so there are endless opportunities available. This is why it remains a hugely popular career move.

Financial Auditor

The final role to make the list is a Financial auditor, that is another role that has grown in popularity in recent times. The role itself covers auditing companies and making sure they are complying with the ever-changing tax reform measures. The role has seen an increased uptake in recent times, as businesses are looking to ensure best practice and compliance – especially after some major corporations were subjected to lengthy inspections that delved into some of the financial wrongdoings. Tesco was recently fined a substantial sum of money, as they over-estimated the capital value of their assets, leading to the auditors in question being reprimanded with substantial punishments.


Final Word

This list is only the beginning of the numerous career opportunities that one can enjoy in the finance and investment industry. If you’ve long been wanting to penetrate this job sector, now you have ideas as to where you can start.

When you love working with numbers and analyzing data and other information, this is a good place for you to build your career. Not only do you get to enjoy a stable job with a good income-earning opportunity, but you’re also assured of a good future.