Jurisprudence is a complex science in which knowledge cannot be dispensed with. To become a successful lawyer or advocate, you need not only to study at the university for one five. After all, theory without practice is unlikely to help you advance up the career ladder. A legal assistant is a position that helps to understand the basics of the future profession. So, is paralegal a good career?

Who is a Paralegal?

A paralegal, or legal assistant, is a person who usually performs specific tasks by an attorney. These include researching the facts of the case, interviewing clients and witnesses, drafting legal documents, and conducting legal research.

Usually, a person can become a paralegal by submitting resumes to various companies, but they must be of high quality. Unfortunately, few people have good writing skills. Nowadays, this is not a problem because you can always use the best legal resume writing service and be sure that your resume will show you the best side. You can look for a “lawyer’s assistant” position around the third year of university. When you already have the necessary knowledge base for such work. However, some lawyers hire only those with at least one year of experience as assistants.

Who Should Be a Paralegal?

Those interested in a legal career but aren’t sure they want to go to law school are good candidates to become paralegals. There are also some specific skills that assistants must possess, including communication skills, research and investigative skills, and multitasking skills.

The Labor Statistics says job prospects for paralegals are on the rise. If you have the necessary skills and an interest in the legal system, a career as a paralegal may be for you.

How to Become a Paralegal

There are several ways to become a paralegal. There are certificate programs, that can be two-year and four-year. Which route you want to take depends on your current role, educational status, and goals. To become a paralegal, you must complete at least a bachelor’s degree. Many online retargets help interested students find the right formal education program. There is also an American Association-approved program option. Once you have received a formal education, there is also an education that leads to paralegal certification. It differs from post-baccalaureate certification. Such certification requires that paralegals have at least one year of experience.

But in addition to the programs, you can find a paralegal job and submit a resume on your own. But do not forget that the summary must be written in a quality manner with a list of publications. In your resume, the entire content should be presented correctly. If your resume is perfect, there is a chance that you will be hired without work experience.

What does working as a Paralegal mean?

Assistants cannot give legal advice and always work under the direction of a lawyer, which is essential to the legal profession, as they assist lawyers in most aspects of case research and preparation. While being a paralegal, you will have to act as a secretary. That is, make various descriptions, sort documents, and make copies. Of course, it may be monotonous and boring for someone. But you will learn to concentrate and do all the paperwork in a short time. In addition, such a position involves working with documentation in a foreign language.

It would be best if you did not overly idealize such a profession as a legal assistant. The duties here will sometimes remind you of the responsibilities of an ordinary courier. Run, drive, and be on time everywhere. But you will learn to control your time, plan your day by the hour, and learn about many exciting places in the city that you didn’t even know about. Also, you can meet a lot of people. In the future, they may well become your colleagues and just good acquaintances.

Useful skills

Knowledge of a foreign language is almost always necessary for a legal specialist. So, when you get a job as a legal assistant, you can be sure that you will improve your English here. And learn several professional terms you can use in the future when you are in a higher position. There is nowhere in jurisprudence without bureaucracy. Be prepared to stand in lines for several hours a day. Districts and city administrations, officials scurrying by, courts and judges will replace each other. You might think there is no need to work with your brains here.

Over time, you will be able to develop professional cynicism and arrogance. And they are sometimes very helpful in the work of a lawyer. Getting into the treasured office, bypassing the long queue, is a task for real professionals. And you will be able to fulfil it as an assistant. In addition, learn to deal with excessive emotionality and anger. Having helpful information to maintain a dialogue with colleagues is also essential. Try to start with exciting facts about mob lawyers. To read about this, you can take a look here and learn many exciting things. If you can support any topic, you will make a good impression on others.


Having passed all the above stages, you will be able to get a little closer to realizing your professional dream. Perhaps the boss will even ask you to prepare excerpts from laws and case law to use later at the meeting or when drafting documents. Evaluate the acquired skills yourself: the ability to decipher a text rich in clericalisms, the general development of logic, and the ability to work in a team with your supervisor. This is a dream, not a job, for novice professionals. Legal assistant – a profitable position and your lucky ticket to the world of legal experts. The experience gained in a paralegal career is invaluable. And you will find a way to apply it in the future successfully. So, it’s time to start looking for vacancies!