There are labor shortages in dozens of American industries and professional art is no different. The Washington Post highlights how several Wildwood NJ shops are offering wages over and above the going rate for talented airbrush artists, such is the dearth of professionals to keep industries, including those making t-shirts and other apparel, moving. The arts are often thought of as being academic pursuits, or purely creative, with not much scope for big careers and big salaries. That couldn’t be further from the truth; a modern career in professional art is proving to be a winner.

Going for gold

The most under-pressure artistic industry is, likely, interior design. CNBC has discovered that mortgaged homes have experienced a 58% rise in renovations; at the same time, there’s a huge backlog in cases being completed anywhere in the USA due to a lack of professionals able to complete the work. Works in interior design vary from residential, to commercial, to public spaces; there’s always something new being built, and so there’s always work there to be done. The most creative interior designers can command huge salaries, and for good reason. The main risk in interior design concerns the supply end of proceedings – there is a slight slowdown in the number of renovations being ordered purely because of a lack of supplies. While interior design can be completed without a lick of paint or furniture being placed, homeowners are still sometimes reluctant to start the process.

Digital expansion

The BLS lists graphic designers as commanding an average salary of $53,380 and this is only rising. There are countless new digital businesses being opened as traditional enterprises have been forced to have an online presence to keep up with the modern digital world. Graphic design is also becoming more accessible. Tools like GIMP and even Paint 3D are offering a way to make clean graphics without having to invest in very expensive tools.

A refounded economy

There is also a lot of work to be done in the field of creative and performing arts. As USA Today outlines, the industry has been in freefall over the past 18 months. That doesn’t mean, however, that the industry is over. There will always be a demand for music and film, and people love to get out and enjoy it in a live setting – not just behind their desks or on the sofa at home. For that, artists are needed, and there’s a really important creative scene that’s springing up across the country to help inspire the country once again. Wages are typically not as competitive when starting out, but there’s a lot of room to be explored.


If you’re a creative person, this may be one of the most exciting periods of time when it comes to finding gainful employment. That’s true whether it’s in the renovation and restoration of homes, or in the creative industries. Artists and designers have a lot to be optimistic about.