There’s a huge demand for web designers these days as businesses are striving to get their websites noticed, since almost everything, from shopping to ordering food, is being done online. Last year, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted that employment of web designers is projected to grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030, with more than 17,000 job openings for web developers and designers every year. To be hired as a web designer, most companies require either a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, on top of years of experience detailed on a professional CV.
Although some web designers are happy with a $77,000 per year median pay, others are finding ways to supplement their income by utilizing their creativity outside of work. If you’re a web designer or graphic artist who needs extra income, or you simply want an enjoyable and creative outlet, here are some money-making ideas to get you started.

Merch Seller

If you’re part of a huge fandom, then you’ll know that making fandom merchandise is one of the easiest ways to earn extra income. Whether you’re a Potterhead, a Whovian, a Warsie, Directioner, or a BTS ARMY, you can rest easy, knowing that there are millions of people who could be interested in whatever it is that you make. Consider transferring digitally rendered designs on shirts or fabric bags using a heat press machine, then open a shop on Etsy to sell your goods. You can also make posters, pins, or print-outs for your online shop. A lot of digital artists and web designers also make a significant amount of money from commissions, so make sure to be active on Twitter to connect with fellow fans as this social media platform is where all fandom talk and transactions usually happen.

Making YouTube Videos

Being a YouTuber can make the most of your creativity and it can earn you a sizeable income. It’s best to create a YouTube channel that’s focused on one specialty, so perhaps you could use this platform to share your web designing knowledge with the world. To start, create 7-10 minute videos on color theory, composition, software for design, and the like. Post one video every week to show your audience that you’re a consistent vlogger–this can earn you a following on the platform. Once you have a sizeable audience and your videos have thousands of views, you can join the YouTube Monetisation Program. To earn $1,000 from ads, you’ll need about 500,000 views, so make sure to keep on creating informative and engaging content.
Make sure to polish up your skills in video making and editing. With a lot of competition in this space, aim to have the right skills and drive to take you along on this path.

Run a Web Designing Workshop

Most young people are interested in learning about web design, so why not run a web designing workshop? For a minimal fee, you can host the workshop on Zoom and teach people how to create beautiful websites and graphics, and point them in the right direction towards web designing jobs. Not only will you earn a decent income from hosting workshops, but you’ll also boost your credibility as a web designer. Moreover, you’ll attract more business, and it will definitely help you to get higher-paying jobs in the future.
The skills that you’ve learned as a web designer can be used to earn more money outside your regular job. Consider these ideas to make money beyond your 9-to-5, and enjoy teaching, making videos, or designing and selling merch as you watch your savings grow.