accountingAccounting assistants are workers who are in charge of accounting in a company or business. They perform tasks such as inventory, bank movements, taxes, portfolio management, expense reports and receipts, etc.

If you are an accounting assistant and are looking for a job, create a profile where you can display your most important skills. This article will give you some examples to guide you to streamline your resume and prepare you for some relevant interview questions as you search for jobs as an accounting assistant.


Introduce with relevant experience

The first thing a recruiter or an employer looks is for previous work experience. To get through the door, usually the cover letter must have the elements to attract interest and attention from the recruiter or employer. Use this sample for Experience Summary as an example:

I have three years of experience as an accounting assistant. In my previous job I have developed deep knowledge and expertise in accounting assistant tasks like managing financial statements and creating financial reports.


I have worked as an accounting assistant in several companies of the country in the job of sorting, coding and recording of computer accounts. I’m ready to take an important position and assume challenges in a company with global projection.


I have worked as an assistant accountant in an insurance company and am now in search of a company that performs in a different field. Among the duties I have performed during work are the process, verification, balances, income and financial records of information in ledgers.


Education matters

Past or continuing education are indicators of a serious learner. Show your enthusiasm by telling more about how you want to weave your career in future. This example can also be used during the interview.

I culminated my studies at the University of X accounting degree and worked as accounting assistant for a year. I would like to put into practice what I have learned during my long years of study and thus grow my experience. I’d like to seek a career with an accounting degree. I know my work will benefit the company and will be an important piece for the evolution of the company.


I practice as an accounting assistant with strong knowledge in computerized accounting systems. I have experience in developing proof of expenses and income, settlement and billing customer and employee salaries. I am a worker eager to keep learning and face greater challenges with greater responsibility.

Elaborate experience

This example is mainly to be included in your resume:

I have worked as an accounting assistant in the companies responsible for selling appliances. I have experience in the inventory, evaluation, service payments and market. I exhibited leadership in a couple of recent activities and delivered expected results well ahead of time.


Acting as accounting assistant has allowed me to learn the importance of having proper control of expenses in a company. As a professional accountant I have extensive experience in the calculation of production costs, implementation and maintenance of files.


I have worked as a professional accountant in financial institutions. I am highly qualified to develop and create financial statement analysis, diagnosis and formulation of alternative loans and acquisitions. All this knowledge allows me to play an expert job of any company in the country.


The above were all profile examples for assistants who aspire to become professionals in the accounting career. Choose an example that is closest to your present experience and don’t forget to add some ‘numbers’ and statistics to your resume. After all it is an accountant’s job you are applying for!