The transformation brought to the world by electricity aside, AI is the next innovation the world is witnessing, of comparable magnitude. The ability of machines to take on tasks perceived to be for humans only is no longer fiction of our imagination but the reality we live with. Intelligent machines today are built to go as far as thinking, learning, making decisions, solving problems, and perceiving like humans and are rapidly being adopted to enhance productivity. 

India, with Hyderabad as the hub of trade, commerce, and IT, has not been left behind on such landmark advancements that technology is delivering to the world. Different fields including healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and education are today coming up with adoption approaches to leverage on the benefits that AI has to offer. The IT and ITeS industry by 2016 accounted for 7.7% of India’s GDP. AI alone has the potential of pumping in an enormous US$957 billion by 2035. Enterprises are taking advantage of AI to maintain smoothly-running operations. This would soon lead to a growing demand for artificial intelligence courses in Hyderabad. Know more about the courses here:

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The Impact of AI Adoption in India

That India is adopting AI and seriously, is because the benefits it brings to large and small businesses and the government cannot be underestimated. 

  • Increasing demand for AI skills

With the wide adoption of AI across India, the industry has grown in revenue from US$ 230 million in the year 2018 to US$415 million in 2019. This is as a result of professionals with vast experience in IT upskilling and acquiring AI-related skills. This resonates with an increase in the number of professionals with AI skills from 40,000 in 2018 to 72,000 in 2019. Still, jobs are being created as more enterprises adopt AI, which leaves a demand for AI skills that the job market is yet to meet. 

  • Professionals upskilling to meet the demand

Most professionals who sought to acquire AI skills are people who were already in the IT field and had gained considerable years of experience. According to research done by Livemint, only 35% of AI professionals enter the job market with AI skills. 65% of professionals build add AI to the skills they have already acquired. Currently, the average work experience for AI professionals in India stands at 7.2 years which places AI second in the list of emerging jobs in India in 2020. After Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai, Hyderabad is the fourth most popular destination for AI professionals as of 2018. 

  • Demand for educational institutions to equip manpower 

Several initiatives have been launched to meet the growing demand for AI course providers. In June 2019, Microsoft launched AI digital labs in collaboration with 10 institutions of higher learning and targeted to equip at least 150,000 students with AI skills in a 3-year program.  More educational institutions are including AI courses in their curriculum. 


Who is an AI Engineer? 

AI engineers are at the center of AI technology. These professionals are responsible for developing AI models. They know their way around AI infrastructures and will test and implement AI software. In essence, they round up engineering, software development, and data science into one role. 

AI engineers hail from computer science, computer engineering, IT, statistics, data science, or other related educational backgrounds. They are well versed in machine learning and can implement ML models in business operations. 


Core skill requirements for AI engineers

  • Programming languages including Python, C++, SQL, and Java.
  • Data science 
  • Neural networks
  • Algorithms, applied mathematics, and statistics 
  • Software development  
  • Machine learning 
  • Analytics 


An AI engineer plays the following roles 

  • Software design 
  • Develop, test, and deploy machine learning algorithms
  • Automate operations and processes using machine learning technology 
  • Develop and manage AI infrastructure 
  • Convert models into APIs that are usable by applications 

However, their job description is defined by the industry and specific organization that they work for. 


Demand for AI Engineers in Hyderabad

Telangana’s capital Hyderabad being the center of the tech industry in India is home to several corporations, start-ups, technology innovations, and has caught the eyes of investors eyeing India’s IT and Technology sector. 

While the city accounts for about 9% of AI jobs in India, the highest demand comes from its thriving start-up ecosystem that is budding with talented software engineers and product developers. Still, the demand is growing rapidly and will remain high for a long time to come. This demand is comparable to cities like Bengaluru. 

This leaves an opportunity for entry-level individuals who have graduated from their studies and are seeking to build a career or those that have moved from other roles and upskilled to launch a career in AI. 


How much do AI engineers in Hyderabad earn?

AI engineers hailing from Hyderabad’s training institutions command attractive pay packages in the job market. However, this is dependent on:

  • Their experience
  • Their specific roles
  • Location 
  • Education qualifications 
  • Skills 

In the US an entry-level AI engineer attracts an average annual salary of US$71,600 while their experienced counterparts earn more than triple this amount at US$248,625. In India, the same position at entry level will attract an average annual salary of ₹600,000 while expert engineers will attract an average annual salary of ₹5,000,000 which is estimated to be 70% better than fellow engineers in the computer science field. Those in senior positions in established corporations will attract double the amount earned by the experienced engineers. 

A trend that has resulted from the high demand of AI engineers in India is an inability for businesses to retain top talent for long. This is often due to professionals being attracted by better pay packages, up to 80% more than what they earn. 



The time is right and the market ripe for AI engineers as India’s government and other stakeholders shift their focus to AI. The government’s Digital India is just one of the many initiatives that have come up to keep up with AI and machine learning technological trends. There is set to be an increase in demand for AI professionals, AI engineers included particularly across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi NCR Region, and Mumbai. 

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